How I lost the Baby Weight – Postpartum Weight Loss Journey! | Justine Marie

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It took me about 9 months, but I finally lost the baby weight! Here is my postpartum weight loss journey story…Hope you enjoy!:) PS I discovered that I loved Almond flour best as far as flours go… I cant remember what I made with it though….I’ll update the list if I do though!

Starbucks can make a latte with almond milk and stevia, hallelujah!

Breakfast Ideas:
Scrambled Eggs
Chia Puddings
Green Smoothies
Coconut Flour Pancakes w/ Microwaved Berries as Syrup
Oatmeal or Steel Cut Oats w/ Cinnamon and Almond Milk

Left Overs
Salads w/ a scoop of Quinoa!

Dinner Ideas:
Deconstructed Hamburger Salad
Chili w/ Quinoa (put in the quinoa raw while it simmers)
Fajita Salads (This was my favorite!)
Burrito Salad Bowls!
Spaghettie squash Spaghetti
Trader Joes Black bean Pasta with roasted Butternut squash and olive oil, sage and parmesan cheese, salt and pepper
Stir Fry w/ Brown rice (Soy products were not allowed so I used coconut aminos, and sweetened it with a little stevia)

Dessert Ideas: (all with Stevia)
Avocado Chocolate Pudding
Tapioca made with almond milk and stevia
Candida Lemon Bars on pinterest

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Hannah Blanchard says:

6 minutes in and our weight stories are exactly the same (only me within a span of two babies) I'm now nursing my 7 week old and weigh about 165. Now really trying to get back down to at least 130!!

Lorena Torres says:

When I had the baby I lost some weight and then iud I gained it all back

Monica Mendoza says:

Idk but you looked so cute pregnant, but you look amazing now ❤️

Minali joey says:

I found an herbal drink “mummy magic weight loss tea” that helped me to lose weight. This is an organic formula that helps moms who are struggling with their post pregnancy weight.

An unhealthy healthy Girl vlog says:

That’s awesome! I’ve lost 60!

Sarah Cisneros says:

Yes, breastfeeding helped me lose what I had gained. I only did it for 6 weeks and that also helped me to get back into the gym. I started very slowly but yes ladies, you can do it! I'm 6 months pregnant with my second and can't wait to be fit again. I've gained so much more than I did with my first and I'm so anxious to lose it!!!!

TheSouthpole78 says:

Try gelv and gelv hot while working out it helps with loose, sagging skin and stretch marks if interested follow the link:

Abigail George says:

Im really hoping I lose the baby weight this time around. I gained 35 with my first baby. Which isnt bad, but I felt awful and wasnt being very healthy or active. I lost most of it thanks to breastfeeding, but then stopped losing weight around 155 lbs (suppose to be 140 lbs) and just couldnt lose it. So when I got pregnant with my son, I was 15 pounds over weight. And have gained 10 lbs so far. Im really trying to be healthy and active this pregnancy and eat better. But I always gain my most weight those last couple weeks. So Im alittle nervous.

Megan Sampson says:

Omg this is literally my experience with weight while pregnant. I am now having a second baby and it is happening again… all that water weight, all that extra weight is so uncomfortable and disheartening. I look in the mirror and literally don't look like the same person. Even though I did lose that weight with my first son, I still keep watching videos and researching ways to get back down to my regular size after my second son is born in July.

Natalie Martel55 says:

Girl I'm so glad I found your channel. I'm on my second pregnancy and am so encouraged by your story. ❤️

Bethany Hale says:

I reduced my post pregnancy weight with the help of Mummy magic weight loss tea.

Jessi Malay says:

Love almond flour!

Susan michael says:

Mummy magic weight loss tea helps in reducing post baby weight.

kids culture says:

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carol thompson says:

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reena patric says:

I lost my pregnancy weight with "mummy magic weight loss tea" which I started right after having the baby and lost all of my pregnancy weight within 3 months.

maria clark says:

I lost my post baby weight "Mummy magic weight loss tea". It is the perfect herbal blend that helps in loosing weight safely and effectively.

Donna Williams says:

I lost my post baby weight with the help of mummy magic weight loss tea.

helen smith says:

Mummy Magic Weight Loss tea is the best to loose post baby weight.

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