The mystery of chronic pain – Elliot Krane

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We think of pain as a symptom, but there are cases where the nervous system develops feedback loops and pain becomes a terrifying disease in itself. Starting with the story of a girl whose sprained wrist turned into a nightmare, Elliot Krane talks about the complex mystery of chronic pain and reviews the facts we’re just learning about how it works and how to treat it.

Talk by Elliot Krane.


Stacey Cornelius says:

Your explanation of this is spot on! Thank you.

chloweful says:

More pain patients will kill themselves due to this insane amount of opiodphobia.
News flash! The reason people want opioids is wait for it…

shakeera davis says:

I have social anxiety so I sort of understand chronic pain. My mind automatically sends the fight and flight response as soon as I step outside my house around people. The symptoms in the moment of social anxiety caused me uncomfortable muscle stiffness which is pain. And this is the brain always releasing cortisol which eventually causes damage to the nervous system. That’s why the more I leave my social anxiety untreated, I develop new symptoms acquainted to it. But no one knows how to cure this issue, I’m just given ssri to suppress the issue. They take long for the body to get used to it aswell.

davoud derogar says:

Thank you for values. I do release chronic pain with hypnotherapy. It really works. check my web for many testimonials. 949-5221616.

D. Moore says:

Until all these "new" drugs that magically fix our nervous systems are found, those living with chronic pain have the right to treat the pain so it wont get worse and worse for the reasons he gave. Chronic pain rewires the nervous system and creates MORE PAIN! The "crude" opioids help chronic pain patients have lives and be more active and social. There is nothing wrong or evil about taking opioids to manage pain. I'm tired of seeing pain killing opioids demonized by Kolodny, PROP and others out to sell Suboxone. That is what this "opioid epidemic" is really all about. 30,000 people die a year from opioids, street opioids not RX. 88,000 die a year from alcohol. So where is that epidemic. Well, chronic pain patients can't get good treatment for pain anymore, and a lot of them are killing themselves. There is the real epidemic.

Wolfwolveswolf says:

It's like I woke up one day, and things turned in my life, as if I'm living in some communist country!
I had to go through more than ten years of daily constant Pain, of my neck, face, eyes, head, shoulders, upper chest area, arms and hands, due to a C1-C2 fusion, severe head injury not conscious for a month, and multiple head and upper body injuries.
Finally a Pain Doctor at a Pain Clinic saw the truth of the extent of my injuries and mostly from my fusion, and started to treat me with Morphine.
I have needed to responsibly use a high dose of Morphine for 25 years. NOT one problem as like I said, I've used it responsibly.
But now my Maine State Government is playing doctor, they are taking my Morphine Medicine away from me, and my life is already a Hell once again. As if I have been taking it for 25 years for nothing, when it is just the opposite, the fusion ruined my life as I know it, and the head injury has played a good part too. But where can I find a Pain Doctor who can treat me like I paid dearly to get to and have the best possible life that I can have. As without Morphine, I'm already seeing the extent and I'm no longer young and can take such a daily Hell.
Morphine to my life, is like Insulin to a diabetic. They are taking away the Morphine Medicine that saved my life! It made my life far better, and NOT at all worse.
I am very angry about this, for to me it is an insult for what I have already gone through and what I have lost, and yet it's as if it never happened. As if Morphine was handed to me on a platter! As if there was no Pain Doctor or Pain Clinic! As if none of this is real and I'm a drug addict who they need to punish!
I've been to 3 different Doctors since first being treated with Morphine.
There is no Pain Clinic taking Patients that deal with Narcotics for patients.
So they just are taking my Medicine away, and leaving me like on the side of the road!
I don't get this, does anyone know what my Rights are, how they can do this to me!
It is the State Government who did this. I am told I could still be treated, but on the other hand where's the Doctor, and I'm not a man of money.
I'm still suffering, but I'm having it taken away from me for nothing I've done. Like I said, as if none of this happened and I don't have the life ruining Pain that I have.
Any suggestions I would appreciate it.
Also if I call anyplace, they never tell you if they deal with Narcotics, they'll tell you they don't once you go there, but like I said I don't have the money, transportation, or time.
I just can not believe that they can do what they have done to me, just step in and take Medicine away that I've been using for 25 years and not given them one problem. I thought this was the United States? Is it too much to want at least some kind of a life?
Heck this was all due to a drunken driver, caused a head on collision with 18-wheeler truck.
I just want my life back! To continue my Morphine Medicine that gives me a life, makes things far better for me, as my existence will be very poor without it! In fact I will NOT be able to do it. Already been there, and I know at my age now, that I will not be able to at all!
I am NOT Superman, and that's what it would take, and like I said, I'm NOT Superman.
Any suggestions anyone!

Lelle Taffyn says:

ahh – no pain, no pain!!! YES – i had a flash of realisation that the severe and chronic pain that i have – is indeed a loop – a pattern gone haywire. Now i have huge hope- HUGE – thank you

MerX-Da-PropheT says:

I was in a severe accident in which I was pinned by a semi between my car and the cement barrier on the highway, I broke my pelvis, and several bones including some ribs, and bones in my legs. I had to have both my legs amputated and now deal with blinding pain 24/7. I hardly sleep anymore because the pain won't allow my body to relax. I take several narcotic medications and hope to one day find the right doctor that can help me with my pain. I don't think most people realize how much physical pain some people have to deal with.

Stephen Prevost says:

My leg always hurts. ALWAYS hurts. It's awful, I try not to think about it, I'm on tons of pain killers. Why do anything anymore?

sed densky says:

i'm an atheist, don't you worry about me.

mohgoku says:

it's hard to believe that you mentioned God in the 21st century ..

Axlxandru says:

Go home pain.You are drunk

sed densky says:

not working for migraine pain, unfortunately :/

BigFatCock says:

I'd probably agree with you :

TheaDragonSpirit says:

No pain, plenty to gain! 🙂

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