Looking to 2060: A Global Vision of Long-term Growth

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The balance of economic power is expected to shift dramatically over the coming half century, with fast-growing emerging market economies accounting for an ever-increasing share of global output, according to new OECD research. For more information visit: www.oecd.org/economy/lookingto2060.htm


manictiger says:

Hmm, projections like this are pretty unreliable. There's so many variables to deal with, and the reliability can be further worsened by a low number of analysts and/or a lack of cumulative experience.

Thomas Scream says:

Came here for aggressively racist comments from all sides, was not disappointed.

Jack Luke says:

This is nonsense. Economic growth is not a zero-sum game. While the developing world may experience more growth than the developed countries in the next few decades, OECD countries will continue to be the primary producer of global output

Pete K says:

Countries such as China will be doing much better, but the people wont.

Justin Moore says:

The US will stay #1

Blue Skies says:

BRICs are the future! 🙂

Lucas de Block says:

I don’t understand how gdp per capita of western countries will fall but the US gdp per capital of US will still remain far above euro countries. It just seems to me that this is American propaganda.


USA or EU can not afford 30+ trillion dollar economy by 2060.
If USA or EU can afford 30+ trillion dollar economy then India's 2+ billion population will easily afford 200+ trillion dollar economy.


By 2060, India's economy(purchasing power) will be at least 5 times bigger than USA or EU.

TheAncient Tribalia says:

my countres GDP last year was
today is abut 45 Billion 😀
i am happy coise today money for month is 450 euros but for 15 years wenn i end gimnasium i can have about 1000 euros 😀

NeO_mx says:

By 2060, Hungary will regain at least one or more territories

Eurovision Gamer says:

Euro-zone, European Union and Europe are not the same thing.

Divyanshu singh says:

We INDIA and CHINA ruled world in past and will do it in Future lets work together China from INDIA

PaVcHoK Gaming says:

Whattt?!!?! Bulgaria is in the EU!!!

EconomicUplift says:

This is assuming that China will simply become capitalist as hell.

European says:

God damn masonic globalists, unbelievable propaganda

Michał Bocian says:

This video know the future lol Poland, Czech, Hungary, England, Sweden wasnt in EU on video

dankmeme boy says:

Long-term growth? more like long-term decline

ewrh78 says:

A: misleading graphics
B: ceteris paribus fallacy
ad B: ignoring major trends like techonogical advances leading to major disturbances in the way ecnomic systems function, and ignoring the high probabilities of certain disruptive events like bursting of financial markets bubbles wich will hit the US and EU economies much more severly than those of other regions.

DragoN 3 PG says:

Lol this video assumes that world will not be ruined by global warming by then. India is already very hot country and it will become an uninhabitable hell hole by then. Probably half of it will become desert. Same for huge parts of Asia,Africa,Latin America, central America,even southern USA. Europe started the poisoning of our world, USA continued it and China and India are going to finish it.

MidnightCoat says:

You're making the assumption that nothing is going to change between now and then

fyukfy says:

why didnt they show israel as an OECD country?

Alejandro Cabrera says:

Why is Mexico part of OECD?

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