Divers complete Thai cave rescue, all 12 boys and coach out safely

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Divers completed their rescue mission Tuesday by safely removing the last five members of a Thai youth soccer team from a cave. The 12 boys and their coach are now hospitalized after being trapped in the cave for more than two weeks. CBS News correspondent Anna Werner joins CBSN from Chiang Rai, Thailand, with more on their conditions and how the rescue was carried out.


Charles F says:

OMG I am glad they are ok

Mada Girl says:

Praise god!!!!! Jesus yassss!!!

Jenni Hiekka says:

"There is no god… jezuz… Buddha…. or Tooth fairy…."
These KIDS were brought out by HUMAN DETERMINATION. PERIOD!!!!!!!!
Much LOVE to the friendly THAI people and the rescuers…! This is a MIRACLE!
RIP. Saman Gunan.

justrosy5 says:

Glad they're all safe! This is what real reporting looks like, when it's just women doing it. Informative, professional, interesting… The best kind there is around. Remember that, folks.

RandomLife says:

This is an absolute miracle!

Brian Rapp says:

YA. HAVE. #1 TY. SING. BEER. canyonlocalfilmscom

Robert Supon says:

Samun Kunan … SGT Sam … there is no greater gift but that a man should lay down his life for another man …

Beverly Johnson says:

Thank you Lord for Grace. You are worthy of our praise.

Hrh-Pan F says:

Well done all divers! Well done all rescuers! Well done all officials! Well done all medical teams! Well done drivers of all vehicles used for transporting all 13 young bwoys! Well done all volunteers! Well done all reporters of this news! I pray JEHOVAH GOD continually bless you all & fambilies. Amen!

Hrh-Pan F says:


wanda moore says:

To God goes all the praise and all the glory.

Txlilstar63 Monster says:

so so happy to hear that there are out and safe 🙂

irene derru says:

God bless all the people that are involved because they fought against mother nature, and they can only hold onto God, prays to Him and believe that their strength can rescue the boys

Squival138 says:

All these people in the comments who are saying "prayers answered" as if they themselves have helped in some way. And not the THOUSANDS of actual human beings who were on site helping to figure out and rescue the boys. Also the sheer amount of contradiction that believers are willfully ignoring if you take their point of view is ridiculous. I'd go on but I imagine fedora comments would start to be made as a way of avoiding rational thought.
Why did one have to die if there was a god? Neither merciful, nor omnipotent, not powerful. Literally kid with a spyglass tier.

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