My 5 Photography gadgets Regrets ! ( Don’t Buy )

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Sometimes you buy some photography gadgets that you love and you can’t work without them since the moment you get them.
And Sometimes you buy something so useless and stupid that you ask yourself why did i spent money on this piece of Sh°t !?
Photographe is an expensive activity so if this small list can help you avoir useless crap, my errors will be useful in the end.

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Pando says:

My Black Rapid leash. Great product but I felt like an idiot and the camera would just smack along my hip all day. Much prefer the peak design clip. I still look like an idiot but my sides aren't sore. Also, my cheetah box q flash softbox for speedlite. Too big to be portable, too small for studio. Used it once.

Тимофей Бехтерев says:

Good point on rain protection. Thought of getting one, but that condensation was a bit of a concern.

s bradley smith says:

I agree with the exception of 3. battery grip.. It may not suit your type of photography but for many it is a God send in terms of ergonomics and battery life.

Craigh Ashton says:

Love your videos mate! Agree with everything except the grip. Having a grip on my camera has been extremely beneficial for me. Cheers!

Max Lamdin says:

to be fair, the coloured filters were made for film photography before you had the chance to post process them, i used to not see the point of them either but i've found them to be useful for film photography and utterly pointless for digital

Shantanu Kashyap says:

I've sadly invested in the rain cover 😛 wasn't expensive one.. something like $4

Michael T Shue Studios says:

Canon 50mm F1.8 lens. They break so easily.


Zenit 122 on a preview, nice!

Evlogiy Sutormin says:

I hate zoom lenses. They’re expensive, heavy, big, and dark. There’s no reason for me to buy a zoom instead of 2-3 primes for same price.

ЯedTurian says:

The camera on the thumbnail is a Zenit 122k

tithund says:

I don't have regrets, as I do like you, and only buy cheap stuff. But I definitely have some crap that I don't use, boring (zoom) lenses, filters, and random grip thingies.

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