2018 British Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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A Silverstone stunner – watch all the best bits from a British Grand Prix to remember.

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Eliel Bhebhe says:

to much respect for Lewis

I'm AleiX says:

Yeah Forza Ferrari!!

poto otop says:

Ferrari should ask the FIA to review the video from the room when Lewis was weighed. Lewis took a towel from the table with him to the scales.

Tyler McNeil says:

I Love Hamilton as a person but behind the wheel he's such a baby (Recently) I can't wait for Vettel to straight whoop that ass.

Peter Balac says:

Great race hard but fair great recovery from Hamilton, no one wants to be second that's ist of the losers as far as these boys are concerned. RACING is the key word here stop winging lewis shit happens.

LinkLeoSF says:

How in the hell did Hamilton end in 2nd place after that spin out lap 1? And Raikkonen in 3rd after a 10 second penalty?

Most impressive of all though, that late overtake from Vettel on lap 47 to seal the race… WOW!

Heng Seng Ting says:

10 seconds penalty is SXXT. Slighty touched between the tyres and 10s penalty? Dumb F1. Lewis' car is not that fast in this race. Raikkonen almost chase him at the last lap. Raikkonen's car is the fastest in this game.

Trev Howson says:

10 sec penalty for what! What a joke Hamilton is a twat

Dhamotharan Kumaran says:

Hamilton a sore loser

Fruitorian says:

Best Race 2018, I'm sweating all the time!

Adam Silver says:

If fernando alonso was hamilton he would’ve said “Its a YOKE, the 10 seconds, its a YOKE. Where’s raikkonen? He’s out of the points as of now fernando. KARMA” i would pay to have alonso say something like that on the radio again. Man is a legend. Gotta love fernando man.

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