My Weight loss Journey | Intermittent Fasting

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Hey beautiful people!
This week I tried intermittent fasting.
I really love this way of eating so I’ll be continuing to eat from 2 p.m to 7 p.m.
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Johnsie Gunter says:

Great job! What song is that please?

Bs Bre says:

You're so pretttttttttttty.

The Fit Vegan Kitchen says:

Keep up the great work i was 264 and now in 164 checkout my channel and weightloss journey

TheFactsAccordingToGabbie1791 says:

Girl you the only one and video I seen that did it right. THE WAY I PERFER!!!!Show me your before and after measurements/weight first then talk about it. I'M GOING GIVE IT A TRY FOR A WEEK.

Devin Mathis says:

u sexy as fuck beneath all that but to be honest u sexy as fuck with it. lose the weight for health reasons but u fine as fuck regardless

Johnny Striple says:

I've been doing IF for almost 2 months now and can tell a big difference. I'm now below 160, which I haven't been for almost 30 years. I want to watch your progress and and I'm rooting for you. You are such an attractive woman and deserve to live the best life that you deserve.

LaTeka Bass says:

Omg! We are on the exact same journey and we are shaped alike! I just started IF today so I will definitely be sticking with you on this journey! Also what is the song playing during your workout??

PlusSizeMommy says:

Sis that booty is popping! Great job

Daughter oftheKing says:

Girrrl I literally ate whatever I want.. but still lost inches. Trying to eat more healthily though with meal prep but I still lose weight regardless. You are beautiful x

Daughter oftheKing says:

Thank goodness you went straight into it.. put the video clips and went into results.. straight like and subscribe from me.

Stephanie Jackosn says:

New Subscriber!!!! I have been saying for weeks now that I would start my 100lbs. weightloss journey, but I haven’t started yet. But after watching your videos you have given me the motivation to do it along with you.

Nina Perry says:

Look at the snake diet

TishasTime says:

It is a struggle at first but I believe it helps I'm getting to it. Keep it up ur doing great

jennifer morales says:

New subscriber. Love the song and your channel

Fat Ninja Fitness says:

Keep up the good work!

230 Pound Life says:

I do IF every other week on accident because of my work schedule lol i try just counting calories and so far its been working but I would like to IF like err day!

Aina Hussain says:

Motivated 🙂

Delphine's Weight loss, healthy living and fitness says:

WOW well done . I am on a wl journey too and I love IF . I subbed to you and I am looking for friends on my new channel

Alicia Phillips says:

Go girl! I am also in my weight loss journey and you motivate me! Thank you for your videos!

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