ANIMALS Being JERKS – Funny Animals Fails Compilation

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Brand new animals being jerks compilation only for my viewers! If you wanted to see some funny animals fails of 2017 year then there you go! There are really a lot of new moments where animals jerks to people and a lot more. Funny Animals Fails Compilationj 2017!

0:00 – funny cat being jerk
0:07 – animals trolling
0:22 – that rat
0:27 – dogs being jerks “at least you can’t stand on it”
0:42 – squirel being jerk
0:51 – cats being jerks
1:07 – poor dog
1:12 – awesome chase
1:26 – this parrot hates puzzles
1:39 – and this parrot hates kitchens
1:53 – funny cat won’t let its owner write
2:53 – horses being jerks
3:07 – bird vs dog
3:22 – cat vs dog. brutal fight
3:31 – cat vs dog 2
3:45 – animal robbery
4:00 – is it because im different?!
4:15 – this panda is sooo much jerk
4:30 – cat parkour aka cat jump fail
4:40 – this is mine now
4:46 – leave it opened
5:06 – cat vs camera
5:21 – bird steals camera
5:31 – i would be scared
5:39 – just let me do what i do!
6:06 – just a lazy doggo
6:46 – funny birds stealing food
7:43 – this cat wanna play
8:12 – funny dog yoga
8:35 – animals scary prank
8:50 – dogs vs kids
8:57 – bird trolls dog
9:12 – dog vs human
9:18 – and again… cats being jerks
9:26 – sneaky dog
9:36 – this cat is an asshole
9:50 – take a sit

That’s it, hope you enjoyed the video!



Kamoni Goodwin says:

This makes no sense

XxWolf GamerxX says:

6:21 when your boss says he needs his papers in his office ASAP be like

XxWolf GamerxX says:

1:25 that was an EXTREMELY aggressive high five

Troll Face says:

Animals have a sense of humor

Pokemon Go says:

When the cats were hanging on to the mop they were probably a great drier

Kye Kye And Wolfie Channal Of Funn says:

The black and white pumpkin cat at the end is so desperate

Naruto Uzumaki says:

How are they even being jerks fragout more like faggout

Kimberlee Morgan says:

I'm gonna take a little cat nap and Get that out of here

A random animator says:

8:23 When the teacher tries to hand u homework but u dont want it

Mr. Bendy 1234 says:

2:21 is so funny lol

PastelGal 01 says:

1:39 INVASION !!!!!

your mother says:

i just saw people being jerks

Zyron Uchiha says:

Bad choices cause most of these weren't od animals being jerks

Kimberly's world says:

The dog is scared of the hamster lol

Jose Bonilla says:

I like the dogs one it’s funny

Andrea says:

I want a cat :c

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