A Good Day Vs. A Bad Day With Chronic Pain

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What a good day and a bad day feel like with Chronic Pain.



Nancy Demara says:

Wow, thank you for the video.
Feel so much understood because you just described my every day since my bad back surgery, I don't feel alone knowing there are others that go through what I go through daily,
Thank you.

Jenene Perry says:

BLESS YOU FOR MAKING THIS!! I really needed hear a story so similar to mine. Tears rolling down my check as the last part felt like a real human that knew my struggle. A person right in front of me that not only would hear and believe that every bit was unexaggerated and real even though it's hard to believe and makes no sense. As though you reached out to me with a compassionate hug that I've been starved for and denied for more than 10 years. I equally cried for you, my dear, as I fully knew your struggle and suffering. I reached out to hug you with support and love as if I was fine and you a kid with a giant boo-boo. When you've walked in my shoes you would understand that in order to not go completely nuts from being shut of from the world and probably 90% of awake time is either awful or on days with less pain you still only lay with eyes closed hoping sleep may help the hours pass faster. Almost no human interaction and a complete deficit of companionship, no need to use your voice and never a warm embrace or cuddle. A lot of imagination in such isolation you give things like a pillow a new purpose as the one you watch tv with or the other one you cry with. I have to find ways to fell less alone. I also put huge value on anything that puts a little smile on my face and have a since of being in an actual conversation with whoever wrote the words I read. So as that type of imagining led to You giving me a virtual hug which I have had to teach myself to value talk myself into believing in this is just as good in my imagination as real life so that a chance of some love and goodness can still exist in my world.

You really had an impact on me with your video. Thank you so much for putting it out there for us. I know you hoped your story could somehow benefit a fellow human devastated by Fibro. And it sure did!! Think of it like this, hun, being able to make this video describing your own struggle went out into the universe, transformed from a knife that stabs into soft light of healing love then floated back and landed upon my heart. I was just gifted with a dose of peace and love that repaired a little hole in my spirit!!
AGAIN THANK YOU and btw I've been hoping to come across someone describing life with symptoms similar to my own so that I can force my 15 and 17 year old boys to watch someday when they come to visit. I watched a min or two of quite a few videos and quickly passed because they weren't a good enough fit. THIS IS SOPT ON!!. Although only a few of many things that affect my ability to partake in life, what you did show explained, almost in my own words, what I've been saying to them for years! And this is what bothers them most. The "too tired to even shower" level of exhaustion, to them, is just a lame excuse for being a lazy slob that never wants to leave the couch. While having more patience and understanding over the past few months now that they finally believe I do suffer from the horrible disease. Still to them the laziness is just me being a crappy human that tries to blame on an invisible disease along with everything else. Now I can show your story!! They'll believe it and the lazy crappy label can vanish from existance allowing a chance to also find gentlness and compassion in it's place!!

It's been an hour since I started pecking at the keys to write this and the pain has just reached the highest I can push through but worth ever second! I had to try the best I cold to explain how many ways your video brought ease and healing to my day. XOXOXO

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY TEARS!! Thank you for this amazing gift!!

Lauryn Shadowlark says:

I needed this today. Chronic pain has made life so difficult every day is like a battle and I hope the pain will be manageable and sometimes it is sometimes it isn't. I have an undiagnosed chronic back pain condition and ive had it for 5 years and recently its been flaring up really bad. I've seen many doctors and tried so many things and I'm still trying to stay postive and know that someday I Will find out what's wrojng with me and be able to establish an effective treatment plan. But as of now I'm still struggling to get through each day and searching for answers. In the midst of all of this , the fatigue overwhelms me and I become drained and achy and unfocused and brain dead a lot of the time. it sucks cuz I have stuff I have to do daily and it's become an exhaustive challenge to simply for example get in the shower.

Bottom line is thanks for this video. It reminds me I'm not alone and many people understand. Its so hard. So frustrating to deal with on the bad days.

jaa jaa says:

I discolated My knee and Passat Outi and i got brain damage

Rhonda Jones Whitley says:

This is so reflective of my life. I no longer make plans to engage with others because the pain and lack of stamina will slow the others down. For those who have never suffered chronic pain always ask " what's wrong with you now". To avoid the judgement I isolate myself. This doesn't even address the anxiety , panic and depression resulting from the loss of being strong and self sufficient. I actually had someone tell me I am the perfect victim for robbery as it is visible I could not defend myself. Prayers to you for sharing and giving this a voice.

Zoek je Mod? says:

Stay strong and much love!

malissa Cotton says:

I feel good enough to make a mess .lol..but not good enough to clean it up………..uhhhhhhhhhhhh the 500 started projects 🙁

David whitehead says:

I have chronic pain my hole life because of that i skip a lot of day at school

Coldie extrEm0 says:

Is that when you feel that pain in the back, knees or neck and just twitch yourself in order to make it stop or? ( I don't have time to find it out myself )

Kaleidoscope Eyes says:

I've been living with fibromyalgia for ten years and there are still people (mainly my parents) who don't understand why I can't just pop some over the counter pain relief and come to the family events. Maybe I should send them a link to your video. Thanks for making it.

Satis Sactiry says:

Thank you I relate. But you've helped me place everything into perspective. My cloudy day has come out in your video. Good work.

teenagerfrommarss says:

I've grown up seeing my mum constantly in pain cause she deals with chronic lower back pain so I've always had an understanding of how hellish it is to live with pretty much constant pain and how much help you need to do even basic things (e.g. Heating a wheat bag in the microwave or picking something up off of the floor). I'm glad you made this video so that more people can understand what people like my mum have to go through on a daily basis.

Nicky Vasquez says:

This… I need to share this with my friends so they understand. It's everything I've never been able to put into words…

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