Growth Markets: The Next Champions of the Global Economy

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Many emerging markets that were surging before the financial crisis have lost their luster—including Brazil, China, or Russia. So where are tomorrow’s growth markets? Morgan Stanley’s head of emerging markets and chief global strategist Ruchir Sharma shares insights on investing globally in a post-crisis world.


Zheng Zhu says:

China might be an exception for the debt issue because it has capital control and pegged currency so debt issue can be internally solved. How wise of Beijing that not listening to naiive economists at the IMF.

Amone Hongkham says:

He’s a fortune teller.

Y Liu says:

Once you see how Ian Bremmer talks in front him then you know the Indian reality. If the country has even no budget for toilets building how could it dissolve its huge amount of young and cheaper labor force? How could it become the so called "Champion" in nowadays economical competition in the world?

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