Sonali Bendre Cancer is Really Curable or Not?

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Sonali Bendre Cancer treatment is curable or not
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Moonshat arya says:

Msy allah bless u

Pooja Bilawar says:

Good bless you….

Hajira Qureshi says:

May Allah bkess to her

Jacob Cherian says:

She should get on the Joanna budwig protocol for curing cancer which is flaxseed and cottage cheese. Also another natural cure is about a woman with stage 4 cancer who refused chemotherapy and went on carrot juice treatment and her stage 4 cancer went into remission and she survived and was cured of the deadly last stage of cancer.

crystal acharya says:

god plz give her power to be strong.Get well soon mam.we love you

Aks V AKS fan says:

Sonali Bendre , Biography, Family, Networth, Lifestyle|| Sonali Bendre Cancer


Get well soon Mam….God Bless You….

Channel Mixi says:

Its very sad to know ….get well soon !

pratima satpathy says:

He bhagban jese geyi he wese hi wapas ana…

Marri Choudhary says:

Get well soon

Kunal Pai says:

Get well soon sonali mam GBU

marsha ramjattan says:

Sonali stay strong and beat this cancer . Don't let it win. God bless

Pravina Kumar says:

get well soon all good from friends of fiji islands

Latha Chakravarthy says:

Get well soon mam

Mishi Ahmed says:

God bless you

Queen elsa says:

Curable i think

Dr Dhaval Shah says:

Definitely curable
Even I can cure it.

Asha Malhotra says:

With almighty's blessings i want u to get well soon.

Sheikh Fatima says:

get well soon Sonali Bendre

Chaudhary Ali says: for your health with pray Doctor
Ali Chaudhary.

Manisha Parida says:

get well soon

Soundarya Kumar says:

Get well soon

Shreya Jha says:

Ya Allah….. Aap jaldi thik ho jaayo
Sabhi bahgwan se prayer Karo…
He bhagwan
Ya Allah
Hey Lord Jesus..
Get well soon

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