Why I left my job at Google (as a software engineer)

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“The Tech Lead” Patrick Shyu explains why he quit Google as a software engineer.


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Y O says:

too long to get into the main point, making me questioning Google engineer's logic ability

Rozmysl Rozmysl says:

All Google does is pushes stupid, idiotic advertisement everywhere, and that's their main source of revenue! It feeds off extremely stupid people who are so stupid that they can't even install ad blockers on their devices. If everybody used ad blockers like I do, Google wouldn't be able to make a single penny. And you are talking about all these engineering marvels, but they are only possible because of stupid people watching stupid commercials 24/7 like zombiefied monkeys. Some future, my rear end.

Daniel Balfour says:

How many times did he use the worlds "think" and "actually" ?

SUK MIKE HOK l says:

u got fired

QMXC says:

Short answer for those that don't have 11 minutes to spare, he got bored after 3.5 years and wanted to tryout different tech in other companies.

Sean Larkin says:

As much charisma as a dead fish


skip to @8:52 to skip the rambling. No Offense Techlead!)

Moonz says:

There’s so many comments asking WHY he left google himself
I’m pretty sure it’s because of curiosity of what other companies had and an understanding that there’s more to a career than a six figure salary and free food haha

El houssein Mohamed says:

Why I left Google ?
They don't tolerate solicitors

l says:

This videos is about an obtuse guy who can't get to the point in freaking ~11 minutes long video.

Glad, he left Google.Imagine having a meeting with him to get a status on something and he talks about 45 minutes and never get to the point.

BillyBobBue says:

That is third Chinese guy who left his six figure job at google to make videos, hmmmmmm….

Lukas Prochazka says:

6 figure? 123456 …ok that is at least 100 000 dollars…

daniel zvonaryov says:

What is your name and how can i know your not laying

Rohan WhoHA says:

One of the only things in life that's true, is change. As a 30 something family man with 3 kids on food stamps, whose gone back to college (undergraduate senior!), nothing is set in stone. When considering one's character, we are not chiseled in marble. So, why would our careers be any different? I've had wealth and renounced it many times over. Many people lived brilliant lives cut short like wild flowers in a meadow. Still, we were humble enough to say, "We still don't have all the answers, but expect change." If a person's life goal is to eat, breath, and live for google, in my humble opinion that would kind of be a sad outlook toward life, really. The question is not, "Did I live well accomplishing A-Z?" But, "Am I learning how to die well?" To live in such a way, death is welcoming. A life so full of contentment and peace, death has no sting. That is my goal, and if I were fortunate enough to work at google my experiences there would only add to those answers I seek.

Berserk1337 says:

– "Google is great, really great, believe me it's great"
– "People leave because they want to travel"
– "I left because I wanted to see how other companys work"

I saved you 11 minutes of your life

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