TURTLES AND CROCODILES!! | Life of a Zoologist

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Hey my Kritters 🐞

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This was my first attempt at doing an educational video about animals. If there are any inconsistencies with the facts, I do apologize, but I did try my best to research them.

I added text on the video regarding the “Alligators vs. Crocodiles” because 1. it was too loud for you to hear me and 2. i didn’t explain specify which alligator tooth set (upper or bottom) were seen/not seen. So hopefully that clarifies some things!

I will be doing my best to be more comfortable with this sort of video in the future! After all, that is one of the major themes of this channel 😉

If you have any requests, please let me know down below!

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Let’s support our wildlife and environment through conservation by reducing plastic and energy usage in every day life 🌿💕


the office rocks my socks says:

i really want to have a career involving nature or animals, but i just don’t know. i wasn’t really well taught in biology freshman year, and i don’t know how well i’d be at observing. i also don’t want to travel around all the time

FloraNova says:

So happy I found your channel, I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to school for zoology
Although I’m not thrilled about the carcasses and dead animals lol.
When you showed the dead turtles I got sad lol

rex racker says:

Hello guys…. Any zoologist here??? I've just started my journey in zoology since I have a lot of interest in it since childhood… When children used to play cricket…. I used to collect animals…. I'm good with animals too… I want to become the world's best zoologist one day. I've just completed highschool and now I'm going to do bsc zoology for my graduation.. … All those zoologists out there please wish me all the best and please give me a piece of advice…. It would really make my day….. Thank you very much.

Alexis Reifsteck says:

Do you have a video or can you do one on your schooling and career path? I’m very interested in the different field of animals and I just don’t know where to start. I’ve only done pre req. so far

vibinwselena says:

Hi my name is Selena and I am planning on becoming a zoologist just like you! I want to know what college you go and and what classes you need to take and just general stuff like that ! thank you much appreciated love your Channel ❤️

Blessed family And twins says:

Great video

Andri SebastianZz says:

i love this girls, done cub back for you

Anime Beginner AMV says:

I sub you
I hope you doing same

Own World says:

So cool video… really enjoying it

Ketobbey Waters says:

WOW so many types of turtles . sad that many are endangered! #255 DONT JUST LOVE MY COMMENT PLEASE TAKE ACTION <3 Hey watched your video in full hit the red button and liked. Could you watch one of my video (for longer than 30 seconds we found) and support me back? HERE TO SUPPORT THE SMALLER YOUTUBERS! #255


Fun channel, watched full view and liked also. Gary

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