How to become a Graphic Designer in 2018 – Applying for jobs

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Students, graduates, enthusiasts – we’re all still beginners, lets talk about how to become a graphic designer in 2018.

These are some things I learned along the way in the process of applying for a variety of different graphic design jobs. They should (hopefully) help you in getting your first job as a graphic designer.

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Roo says:

It’s my dream to get into graphic design, this video has really helped thank you!! Do you have any tips for a college student x

DragonBreath says:

I graduated college last year and I'm currently 24. I went to school for digital art, but have turned my attention to something I can do more quickly, like graphic design and logo design. I tried doing freelance logo design the last few months to not much avail and I feel like I'm wasting too much time when I could try to be getting a normal job. I live out in the middle of nowhere and I'm miles away from any town. I do everything from my home online, so I feel that's my best bet to try to make an income and move out. However I have terrible anxiety and depression, and I can't even work up the courage to go get my license. While I want nothing more than to start making an income, my anxiety is making every step seem like that concrete wall. I understand that I just have to push myself and do things, but my excuses keep piling up and it ruins my self esteem even further.

Hawkulous says:

Tysm for this video im actually doing into my senor year of highschool and honestly i had and still have some fear of the real world. This takes a huge weight of my shoulders tysm.

ThatsSoMandyQ says:

How long did it take you to get a job?? I live in Hawaii and Currently right now I dont have a stable job doing graphic design but I am doing freelancing. It's weird because, I get so much opportunity for freelance jobs but not the 9-5 graphic design job.

Mike W. says:

I'm 33 years old and I was working for a company that had nothing to do with graphic design for 13 years. Last week, they let me go because they were getting rid of my position and I am currently jobless (kind of a scary thing). I have been out of the art game for a very long time. I really want to go for a graphic design or photography job because I really didn't like what I was doing. I love art and time flies by when I do it but I feel so out of the loop now. I have an associates degree in graphic design but have done nothing with it. Any advice? Also, for anyone reading this that just got their degree, do whatever it takes to get a job in the field you enjoy! I regret not doing it every day. Also, thank you for this video. It was very helpful and put me a little at ease.

Philip Ford says:

Great video, nicely delivered.

Be honest at interview about what you know and what you don't know (software, platforms, lack of web programming, etc). You'll save yourself a lot of trouble. You'll find many would-be employers are appreciative of such transparency and are often prepared to look past such limitations if they feel your portfolio suggests potential and they like you as a person at the interview. They are not just looking for a good designer; they are also looking for someone they feel will fit in with their existing team.

Monika Cichocka says:

I am so so happy I came across your channel! Recently finished my third year at College. I’m starting to look at jobs for graphic design! And all of your videos have helped me A LOT!!x

OfficialDr3am5tep says:

Dude I like your stuff. You give good advice and seem super chill and wise. Keep it up! Subbed

Kristy Schirmer says:

Thank you so much. I keep thinking my work isn't good enough that's why I haven't applied anywhere

Koen Awouters says:

thanks, I really needed that !

piercedliquidnipples says:

This video is great and relatable man. I had the exact opposite work pattern. I still am a graphic designer but I started hating my job. It doesn't have real work hours, it's often 9am to 7pm, the creativity aspect is completely obscured by the 24/7 computer job. I wish I can have a better way to get my creativity out without having to stay 10 hours a day in front of a computer screen with someone who monitors everything I do and gives unrealistic deadlines. I wish I had a more "real life" job for just half of the day. It's been 4 years like that.

Karrrman says:

This helps a lot ☺️

YannsterMonster says:

This video has really given me some more confidence. I just graduated in May and I’ve have been stressing out trying to find my first real job in the graphic design world. I’ll definitely keep your tips in mind when going into any interviews. Thanks for uploading this, man!

Brianna Wooten says:

I was lucky to get my temp job you know to add more experience. But finding a job was stupid, you have companies who want someone with 10+ years of experience but want to pay under wage. No Senior designer is going to want that job with such low pay so why not stop making the description so scary? I still just kinda throw my resume around but my lack of coding is my most read response, it's not that they hate my work I just don't know a bit of code. So now I'm trying to learn it but it doesn't stick with me like I want it to. But funny thing is none of the graphic designers at my current job know coding or html and they haven't had trouble since there's a lot of programs that write the code for you.

Oba Razzak says:

I'm 27 and still yet to land my first full time job. I've had internships and placements and so many interviews. But after finishing my degree last year I'm now more determined than ever to get a job, thanks for the advice!!!

Francine louise Chaves says:

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Iv been listening to your videos and they have really been helping and inspiring me. Dont stop. You do great work! What an inspiration you are =D

Dan Cooper says:

Great video man! I've been on a handful of interviews and I do feel I'm growing more and more.

An interview works two ways and sometimes I'm not interested in the role and I think that maybe shows

Nicholas Frantz says:

Still struggling for my first internship interview.

Daniel Sisk says:

Yesterday I got a request from a shop I put in an application for, asking for a link to my portfolio. I was bummed because I knew my portfolio sucked. After watching this vid I said "what the hell" and sent a link to my Behance account. Minutes later they contacted me to set up an interview. Thanks for the advice, Charlie.

ashley hewko says:

your videos are so helpful and calming. I'm start college for graphic design this coming September and I've been so nervous about pretty much everything to do with anything. so, thank-you so much!!!

upendra chaudhary says:

I have 2 year gap after animation course.. can I apply for designer ?

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