Rob Kardashian’s Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation

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When Keeping Up with the Kardashians debuted on E! in 2007, Rob Kardashian had the world on a string. But after splitting with pop star Rita Ora in 2012, he turned to junk food to cope, and as his weight ballooned, his self-esteem evaporated. Kardashian was reportedly even afraid to step out in public and be photographed. But by 2018, he managed to finally shed some pounds and get back within reach of his ideal weight. So just how did he do it? This is Rob Kardashian’s dramatic weight loss transformation…

Trending with milkshakes | 0:35
Too fat for the cameras | 1:05
A little ‘tough love’ | 1:48
Passing on rehab | 2:27
Serious concerns | 3:00
A devastating diagnosis | 3:32
Hiding out | 4:00
Support from the pros | 4:44
Losing it with Blac Chyna | 5:03
Packing it on, again | 5:35
Baby motivation | 6:23
Did he secretly get surgery? | 7:10

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virylixyus in the house says:

I feel bad for rob, i hope he is in a better place, he has his life ahead of him and a dauther that needs him

Lu Ash says:

I really want to see Rob fully recover and flex on these hoes!

Tammy Anderson says:

Eat those diet pills like the girlz do

Maddison Milla says:

Ok but why ain’t nobody talking about the new voice over person for the Nicki Swift Chanel?

DMM Donna's Modification Motivation says:

Good for him no matter how he did it

Missknowitall says:

But every last one of them had surgery to improve what they didn't like about themselves so how can they critique him its more than about looks obviously he has been very depressed.

Tonishia2 says:

You think maybe they were focusing too much on his image rather than trying to help him with what was really going on deep down?

Traylynn Thomas says:

I'm glad he has someone(dream)that gives him motivation to be more

Ely Medina NAILS * says:

Still lookin ugly I mean ….. With mom and k and k and k and k etc etc lookin beautiful I mean really?? Does not match

Catrina M says:

“Model” Blac Chyna ok

Mckenzie Ellis says:

Good for Rob! Hope I can get my shit together after this baby

Laurita Garza ! says:

Rob is sexy tho when he’s at his good weight

erickaevilchick says:

Regardless if he got surgery, he needed it for his health. I’m glad he is feeling better and I hope he continues to live a healthy lifestyle for his baby girl

Janice james says:

Rob you are very much so handsome thick or hollywood size if you were in the hood none of that would matter. Many women hollar at big fat ugly a.. Men ,sure china has. You have always been handsome to me and you weren't big as they try to make you. Only in hollywood sweetheart.

Amy Brown says:

Obviously he got help from surgery but good for him he’s looking much more healthy and happy

Ocean lights says:

Why is this me lmao but rob does have money and he can really get help, he’ll make it when he truly wants to do it in his heart!

Gabbin Tine says:

Rita ora???

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