How to Learn Mathematics Fast

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Whether you’re interested in AI or you just want to do some real engineering work, you’re going to need to brush up on your math skills. In this video, I’ll describe my strategy to learn mathematics as fast as possible. Math is a specific, powerful vocabulary for ideas and giving a structure to the way you learn it will empower you to absorb much more of it much faster. I’ll go over my strategies in order.

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anju sindhu says:

Hey Siraj, Please share on which software do you make videos where you are sharing your desktop with you ina transparent background.

Sreyan Chakravarty says:

Hey Siraj why dont you make a video on how to get rich fast.

omar mohamed says:

THANK YOU really really thank you Siraj
math has been a problem for me for such a long time
your guide really help and I hope math will not be a problem any more

Tamjeed A says:

You are succinct and precise. Great job. Keep posting great videos. Knowledge grows with sharing.

Eka Yudhi Pratama says:

Thanks Siraj, you make me excited to learn again and again.
One day I will make a video like you do.

kashinath sahoo says:

Great Video,thank you very much for motiviting us towards math…

Bartek Strzelczyk says:

Siraj, please do something about that reverb when recording your voice it boggles me alot 🙂

Paulo Castro says:

Understanding something is more important than memorizing something in math, because that's where everything connects.

Judith Moonsamy says:

Brilliant! Been pondering on my son's introduction to Math. Thank you Siraj I've just subscribed!

MasterOne Piece says:

Math is nothing without Data.

Jeffrey Ely says:

I was with you up until "Other people need sheet music"… Nah bro play me literally any song in the world. It takes me between 1 to 20 seconds to play a song I've never heard before.

David M. says:

ADEPT method is great! Thanks to Kalid for developing it. Great content as always Siraj!

xtr33me says:

I absolutely love your videos and just your passion! I love learning but some of the math I come across in DL white papers is a bit overwhelming at times…you gave some awesome resources here I will be checking out in the near future.

George Hatoutsidis says:

Siraj Raval add a button for sponsorship, I want to give you back

prateek singh says:

How about Mathematics for Machine Learning on Coursera by Imperial College London.

kryob1 says:

Thanks for support in my second Math-war! I guess i'll win this! d:-)

gagondeep srai says:

anyone who down votes is a c# developer

Value Py says:

I loved the pace of this video. You were communicating very clearly.

Tech Jutsu says:

Your a gift from the universe bro thanks for your time and effort.

Raymond says:

like C# development. LOL! OUCH to Microsoft people.

pedro martins says:

Hey,siraj,when you master these concepts and since i don t have a college degree,how can i prove that i have this knoledge??

Jonathan Lastrilla says:

Greatest mistake I made was I hated math when I was young.

Osho says:

math is very hard to understand .

epuut says:

since you mentioned note taking, please make a video about it.

Metro Pcjsh says:

Raj knows da wae

Lucio D'Alessandro says:

GOOD LUCK with p = np 😀

ManuAlvarado22 says:

This is a really great video, very encouraging and applicable for anything you want to learn.

Thank you so much Siraj! And i definitely did not miss having more bad memes in this video 😉

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