Options Trading: This is how people go broke! So don’t do this! // Options trading tips & strategies

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Toogeekedshawty says:

Im learning soo much from you please keep up the good work

tetrakings says:

Great Video

VW4597238 says:

I like this video and subscribing! The problem is very few people out there is telling the truth. When you hear from a trader, they lost their money with options…You'll lose all your money dabbling in stock options. I suggest, you use a website like finance.yahoo.com to view call and puts for a position. Then simulate a trade, assume you did a trade at that minute, note it down then walk away from your terminal and check back tomorrow. It's a crude but easy and cheap way of gauging your odds of making money. I lost all my money trading options and now all I do is simulate and unfortunately I would still be losing money cause Wall Street is rigged. Stay away from stock options!!!!!!

2 Minute Ratio says:

I have not traded options with that short of time horizon in years, I prefer the longer dated options or spread trades.

The Floogiel Trading Co. says:

Thanks for the video David. It was really good!

Simon Tse says:

So true…. speaking from personal experience, I went for +60% to -76% in a matter of a trading day. Thank god it was a small investment of only a couple of contracts, so my losses were minimum.

Dan Dagerman says:

Thanks David!

Victor almaguer says:

I learned today.. I had 250 profit on Microsoft… and that same day turned to -118

Imminent Mind says:

I lost over $8k in one options trade which made me feel like I was losing molecules as I was lying in my bed the next morning, you start to feel like you’re turning into dust and I haven’t fully recovered from that PTSD

b1790 says:

Great video and advice! Thank you!

Lyubomir Lalov says:

Thank You for sharing all this with us!


Great info thanks for sharing

Harlacan says:

Even if you did double your money and take profits, and the stock continued to rise, may triple…you can almost bet it's going to come back down, giving you an opportunity utilize a Put option.

Robert Henry says:

Thanks for the encouraging "always uplifting" info!

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