Thai Village Night Market Bangkok Healthy Food Options

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It’s been recommended to Ta and I, on more than one occasion, that we should been maintaining a more healthy diet. So we thought that we would do at least one video on the some of the healthy food options that are available at our Village Night Market.

Fresh salads, vegetables, fruit and a whole lot of fun.

We hope that you enjoyed watching this video.

Please put any questions that you might have in the comments section below. I will do my best to answer as quickly and as accurately as possible.

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Take care
Brad & Ta


Jaster_501st says:

Yep I need to do the same. My usual market has a lady that sells great salad packs, salad sandwiches etc etc for 40B to 60B so I need to start buying more and not the meat on a stick 555. One great thing about Thai market food is they don't mind giving away freebies to the regulars. I sometime get 5-6 pork squares on a stick (one for my condo soi dog 😀 ) and the lady usually chucks in a free one for me every now then. ร้กษาสุขภาพ 😉

pf-flyer thailand says:

My wife always washes the vegetables that we buy at the market.

JC Nordman says:

Subscribed. Great, wholesome and informative content about what Thailand is like outside the tourist traps and those damn bar streets. Getting really tired of those kinds of videos and prefer your take on things.

skippy says:

I think that in years to come zealots pursuing vegan diets will expire more quickly than others who eat more widely. Equating ethical purity with health is misguided.

Lily Harliman Essenburg says:

that jack fruit looks very delicious

Jeff Hall says:

Thanks for sharing. Very entertaining, never seen purple yams before, only orange. Glad you guys found eachother, you two seem so happy and always having fun. When Im feeling down you guys always cheer me up. Look forward to your next vlog. Ta is one in a million and hoping I could be so lucky when I move to Thailand soon this year (fingers crossed) Take care From N.C. USA. Jeff.

crispernator says:

gday brad and ta everything in moderation i think is the key , just a side note my father was a vegetarian all his life never once ate meat and died from heart disease so i dont hold much water with this healthy lifestyle business , sure if your eating mcdonalds ect every day but varying your diet i think is the key word ,salads are good but not every day .Dont complain about the dust they might charge you more 555 ,love thai noodles better than the crappy ones we get here that are dried .Had my blood pressure taken the other day 100% for some reason it always is i might have diabetes but my blood pressure is good 5555. What was it ta said about boiling the seeds ? Im afraid that if i saw a satay stall that would be the end satays for dinner 55555 great video take care .

Gennaro says:

Food is the best medicine eat vegie beans pasta and so forth see how you going take care Brad and Ta cheers

watermelon seedless says:

You two are nuts, but in a good way.

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