How to Make Walking Robot

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The measurements. Format A4



Tobu – Hope [NCS Release]


Blackfish says:

Check out the new links into the descriptions box to get the measurements.

gilvan' says:

Como ele se movimenta?

surya tej says:

How much volte is that DC motor????

surya tej says:

What is the name of the thing you kept top of the robot ??????

Gaming with Sarthi says:

What u fix above the motor

pradeep khatri says:

My robot does not walking

Jeevitha Jeevitha says:

Please gave a measurement of this project.please please

Riya Aleria says:

You should also give the chart for what the material is required

Daily hackz says:

Black fish the links are not working I cannot get measurements

vedant seharawat says:

Sir what are the things to make it

Bindu Sharma says:

Sir o want to make this robot for 12 board exams..but of i make this..i want also to show to file world..plzzz help me to make the's a request to u..plzzz sir

Garima Mathur says:

what is the measurement of the smaller circles on the stick

Kajal Kumari says:

what thing behind the eye

Saman Setorg says:

I’ve heard that hairy persons are smart
And your hands are hairy

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