Fastest way to become a software developer

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This video breaks down the PRACTICAL strategy for breaking into the software development profession as a junior programmer. You do not need a CS degree to become a programmer! You need passion, hard work and most importantly the drive to self-learn!

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Cedie Roxas says:

Hello sir.. how did you learn that programming?. i am grade 12 student so i just want to learn what your learn about programming.. just like were did you get the code and steps to learn. So that if i am college its to easy to catch up all the lesson all about programming in college stage. So please help me to learn programming.. because i want to become computer engineer soon.

Rashad Rahman says:

good presentation

Ali Haider Bangash says:

Going for it from today: the DATABASE is huge @MayALLAHHelpMe

understanding2u says:

I would like to learn SQL. Just haven't found a good online course. I mean something free to the public. Any suggestions?

wget Desa says:

Good teacher

Md Azam says:

Hello sir,
I Like your Accent
And your voice

Rafe Ahmed Naseeb says:

Your three domains were exactly as per my requirement want to hear from you

Claukss LP says:

Very nice video. Imtiaz, I recommend you put into the SQL path to learn Linux for your students, that is foundation to transition then to other paths in development or even to AWS Admin. Linux path won't take you less than 2 years to feel confortable but once you are there you will feel the power!

jaale cumar says:

I live in Malaysia I'm new starter , which path would you recommend ? i needed this video thank you .

g s says:

what is the email address?

jaspal singh says:

Hi, I have 8 years work experience in IT Infrastructure and Desktop Support. Recently I want to change career now. I am 40 years old. I am studying part time BSc Computing at university in the evening. I want to become a Java Developer. Do you think it is too late? How can I progress quickly. Will I have to sacrifice pay?

Basit Amjad says:

Yes any tom dick and harry can be a developer. It has no barrier to entry

Pro World says:

Sir I am class 10 student can I become a programmer?

1234maday says:

explained very effectively with quite efficiency in a short span. Bless you

Temi Owoyemi says:

How do I start coding in say sql to on my windows laptop? Just to practice. I'm interested in not letting life push me around and having a solid skill to build upon, but I don't know where to begin.

Musa Paschal says:

Thank you bro,

queenfubi says:

What kind of software, database or compiler do you need to learn SQL and Tableu?

luz adeyeye says:

I love your work and i really want to learn more from you, hope u dont mind adding me up on +5511968371417

Izumi Kyoka says:

thank You bro, are You an angel by any chance ? ? ?

Dean Free says:

Knowing those languages only makes you a programmer, not a software developer.


how can i begin with python ?


how can i begin with python ?

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