Math Antics – Multi-Digit Subtraction

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Fúschiä Fůrý says:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Jordan Kidwell says:

125-27=98 not 108…

rahid khan says:

Why each give 10

Alisha Donna says:

What about 100 – 57

Mrs. Anime says:

My teacher explained A LOT of times. But somehow I didn't get it,
when I watched this..

This made my understanding much easier.

TANISHA Crowder says:

l don't like math

Kobold Deathspeaker says:

I am grade 8 and I'm watching this 🙁

Esbj 12345 says:

thats is so weird you are college and your wathicg this wow that is so weird hahahah sorry

Zen Yexer says:

I am now a college student taking up medical course and still watches this lol.. I feel like im different from a normal college student

Stephanie Lopez says:

2012? Im watching by 2018! This is so quality content still!

Kalevala Honyy says:

I really leaned these math thank you

The Gill says:

It's like Blues Clues, but with math! I love it! Lol

Ana Cobos says:

You really helped my son out! Thanks a lot!

Daniela Vieyra says:

Lol i looked at super smart kids in u tube and i was like waht am i doing with my life IMAAAA STUDDYYYY YEEEEEEEEE 7 DAYS OF SCHOOOOLLL LEEFFTTTT MORREEE PANCAKESA

jackiey tuga-on says:


Glitter sparkle Girly Girl Girly Girl says:

I am lering (learing) to do things like this :3

Glitter sparkle Girly Girl Girly Girl says:

My teacher said u have to put bigger numbers not small numbers firt she said u cna do this 5678910 but not this 1234 cuz it would be hard and not easy

Priscilla Hora says:

brilliant! easy to follow. It helped my 7 year old daughter understand 3 digit subtraction. I wish I had videos like this as a child!

Mimi ibrahim says:

amazing you are very simple thank you .

Aeris Perez says:

hey how about 4 digits

Wafey Gomes says:

Tnkx tnk you ,you are good wow

Dylan Watersnake says:

he's Canadian right? also this is for kids? i thiiink? cause it has boingy sound effects and the tho that would seem normal in a Japanese video for not-kids, westerners are boring and stop adding boingy sound effects to anything made for ppl over like 7.

John Chillingworth says:

These videos are pretty good, such a shame they have such annoying sound effects:(

Amre Mushrah says:

Can you do solving math problems with story problems

Bossman says:

Im in high school and cant do this until i watched this video, cant do divison or multiplication

ICE GIRL says:

Omg! Im turning to 7th grade and i didnt know how to subtract thanks! (Now i know it)

Evarson Azevedo says:

Great teacher.

Aaron Chappell says:

this is trash

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