Chronic pain rant

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How I really feel *** contains strong language ***


Kristijan Grdjan says:

Thank you for sharing your experience. I am so sorry that you have to experience such a strong pain in so early age. I am 35 and have chronic back pain for 4 years now. For some time I used oxycodone too, but unfortunately, it did not work well. The last time I took 20 mg of oxycodone was three weeks ago and no help, my husband called emergency, they administered Fentanyl and brought me to the hospital where I spent 5 days. As to the addiction problem, I asked two doctors – pain treatment specialists – and they both told me that as I am going to experience chronic pain to the rest of my life, the addiction will not be an issue with me. Also, I never experienced opioid effects like people who use it recreationally do, except side-effects. Regardless the addiction issue and valid fear you have, bear in mind that if you avoid taking pills the chronic pain becomes more persistent! At the end, it is not important what others think, it is important how your life is going to look like!

Nick Sluder says:

I was on pain medication for two years after breaking my neck and having chronic back pain until I moved to another state where they won’t give me literally anything for pain at all. I was even told that it was depression causing my severe constant pain. It’s like a slap in the face I’ve lost my job my car and everything I had. It’s ridiculous I just wish these doctors could feel our pain and realize that nothing else works nothing gives me relief.. none of them understand

chloweful says:

The anti drug people on the comments are moronic.
I feel your pain quite literally and the only thing I get prescribed is Tylenol 3 and
All the anti inflammatories I can swallow so I’ve officially turned to the street.
Still under medicated.
But you know.
And no 20mgs isn’t too high lol I take everything you mentioned.
If you’re in severe pain? It will go to the pain.
If not? You shouldn’t be on them.

The Chronic Mommy says:

Don’t give up! There are doctors out there who can help. I dealt with chronic pain for years before I was diagnosed with a brain condition and now my doctors believe I also have a connective tissue disorder that is causing my body pain. You are not alone!


I juss subscribe to your channel n I'm dealing whith sever chronic pain too…I'm paraplegic L 4 was injured bacc in 2002 n the pain has never stopped bacc than I used to be on Dilaudid 8mg n that's the only thing kind help with my pain but now cuz the new law it's been hell for me now I can't get hydrocodone 7.5mg n gabapentin 300mg n Diazepam 5mg but I'm still in pain but I just have work with it cuz that's all I can get n I understand where u are coming from about the pain can get so sever that suicide do cross my mind but I'm a fighter n u fighter n others chronic pain patient out there but I like to to say thank you for your channel cuz it has help me alot to not feel alone n give up stay up brobn God bless you!

Irene Davo says:

Pain is very debilitating and isolating

Irene Davo says:

I need you to do video about Jigger Victims in Kenya!

Irene Davo says:

Ask for referral to Homeopathic Hospital?

Irene Davo says:

Have you had blood test?

Irene Davo says:

Ask for referral to Pain Clinic in Liverpool?

Irene Davo says:

Are you on Twitter?

Irene Davo says:

Where is your pain? Have you tried Tens machine? Some only 15 pounds

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