Sekiro Will Be “Harder Than Any From Software Game”

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Harder than any game From has ever made
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Downward Thrust says:

Thoughts on the difficult discussion?

Here's an article talking about the interview here:

Eduardo Portas says:

So basically Koei Tecmo ripped off Dark Souls/Demons Souls and now FromSoftware is ripping off Nioh.

Aku says:

Can't wait to see Loot Boxes in this


Be prepared for game over

King Lionheart says:

Shadows Die Twice is sounding better and better every time I hear new info on it.

Charles Crawford says:

Good report, you've peaked my interest. The graphics appear to be worth the discipline and I look forward to it.

Miguel Zhefan Ye Ye says:

Been a loyal follower since you had around 50k subs,but sorry I'm leaving, your videos are boring repetitive and rushed, just like trying to get views, you no longer care and I also no longer care about your opinion. Do you even remember how good your first videos were?

Farewell Zh

Negitoro Is Best Ship says:

They also made Armored Core but who cares about that? Not even From Soft does ;_;

Ruddy says:

Quick Poll: Was BloodBorne a hard gane answer in replies

Neil Walker says:

My first thought wasn't how difficult will it be, but. Its Activision. Will content be cut for pre orders, then more core game cut for the first dlc, then ruined by loot boxes and items hidden behind iap.

alifkermacore says:

man Demon Soul looking better than Dark souls Remastered

tanuj q says:


Ezra says:

i thought you pronounced it quite well lol

Trifan Andrei says:

shame on you , clickbaited me by putting the word sekiro in the title

Alexander Denchev says:

I don't like hard games. My real life is already challenging enough by itself. I like to chill at least in my gaming experiences.

Daniel Jairala says:

My friends call me a crackhead for Dark Souls. I've put at least 2.5k hours into Dark Souls 1, and my most recent achievement is beating o&s at level 20 with a bandit's knife in left hand and an uchi in the right.

For him to say this is the hardest game from Fromsoft makes me beyond excited

Vincienco Souls says:

No one talks about Armored Core that game is as hard as dinosaur balls

Splendor Solis says:

The Soul's series isn't that difficult; try playing God Hand, Ikaruga, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, now those are hard.

Petros Kotsomytis says:

The first Ninja Gaiden Sigma kicked my ass!! I expect something equally difficult with Sekiro

BlakieBoy98 says:

Not once have I complained about these games being too difficult, and I used to be hella garbo. You just gotta git gud

Ken Watts says:

With Activision publishing this I wonder what the catch is

No Subs says:

I use to like your videos until I found out that you block people in your comments who criticises or insult you.
Grow Up, and enjoy censorship

The video is an summary of your treatment to commenters.

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