My First treatment Accupuncture treatment by GloZell

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Shayla Johnson says:

Thumbs up if you turned up your volume because you thought Glozell was yelling at the beginning like she always does.

Ashley Bell says:

I looveeeeeeeeeeeee acupuncture!! 🙂

Meadow says:

You only said over and out once!

SanctSon says:

Glo I have a question………did it do anything for you? I have been thinking about recommending it and I wasn't sure if it worked.

Kasionzz says:

at the start of the video i actually turned up my volume cuz i thought u were on mute XD i was shocked u were silent for once lool

Trey Rogers says:

@texasPB She said "Hi it's GloZell. Is you okay? Is you? Good cause I wanted to know!"

Anne H says:

ahh What did that feel like?

QuidditchWiz says:

first video ever where i had to RAISE the volume :O

Lewie Evans says:

@kawaiichick91 oh right :):) thanks 🙂

ashleylovesyou665 says:

at first i had too see if my volume on my laptop was up then i realized you were mouthing it xD

Joe Barcelona says:

It actually works, especially for muscle spasms. I was surprised.

Joe Barcelona says:

What did you say? I couldn't hear you. Why are you whispering?

pchzfbaby says:

arent you suppossed to be relaxing (:

J P says:

@lilmamma0026 Final Destination 5? LOL

Tripicality says:

D: <– my actual face from seeing the needles poking out of her til the end lol

heidisdbm007 says:

bahahahahaha only you would film this at your appt. too funny

Andrea Di Girolamo says:

@RaelynnSing23 I'm deeply sorry, I recalled on memory and I failed it! 🙁
I've always been thinking she sayd "Is you good?", silly me 🙂

Szedg says:

This is the first time in a while that "over and out" actually ends the video!

ChiaTheCreep says:

@glozell1 what does it do exactly?

101ilovetigers says:

I thought the same thing!

Maria Monteiro says:

waooouuchhh ….

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