13 Y.O Kid Singer Gets Standing Ovation on America’s Got Talent | Got Talent Global

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Watch kid singer Jeffrey Li as he sings with way to the next stage of the competition on America’s Got Talent 2018. What did you think of his singing audition?? Let us know in the comments below…

Song: You Raise Me Up

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new channel 454 6 says:

He was singing with celine tam!!!

Autumn Shi says:

proud torontonian

derrell taylor says:

This year's America's got talent is a shame show this boy is a professional. He sang this song for it's writer.

JaKBaLL TV says:

anyone know why they fast forwarded through the next couple acts or so?? like the one with the Doberman, they just showed like a few secs, then cut to something else..why do they do that? i would liked to have seen the whole thing

Hisui says:

He sounds like the kid on the other talent show wtf.

See Thao says:

he didnt get a golden buzzer because he didnt have a sad or bully story.

afinasyaa tube says:

Amazinggggg ..

Equine Edits says:

Lol Simon “let’s do this for the doggie ok” Such good talent!

I’m just Nobody says:

When he was 10 he was on a Chinese or Japanese show and he sang the same song then with a little girl which was just as amazing as this performance

Paulo M Santos says:

WoW What a Kid!

Courtney Rosenow says:

He has a very beautiful his parents must be proud

Rachael Grain says:

Simon owes him 10,000 dogs

Owen Atzbach says:

Rich Brian before rapping

Sofii WoW says:

He sings very well ☺

Dad says:

This niggah uglyy af

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