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Life may be tough for the animals of Houston, but it’s about to get a lot tougher for those who mistreat them. When the Houston SPCA responds to a cry for help from a self-confessed animal hoarder they find themselves embroiled in one of the most extreme cases they’ve ever had to deal with. At a house just minutes from the Houston SPCA shelter more than sixty dogs have forced the hoarder from her own home. While she sleeps on the porch, the dogs have the run of the house and after years of neglect have turned feral and aggressive. At the rear of the property Investigator Maverick Wagner discovers the most heavily matted dog he’s ever seen. Blind in one eye and all but deaf the dog is hanging on by a thread. Back at base the medical team fights to save her life while in Polk County Chief Investigator Charles Jantzen and the team have their hands full rescuing a herd of emaciated horses, including a wild mustang that refuses to come quietly.


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Cynthia Vasquez says:

Hello my dog is hurt and it is his leg and I need a lot of money to take him to the vet plz I swear I put that on God

Taylor Scott says:

There is nooo excuse for what that woman did to those dogs but at least she was trying to do something about it

a_little_bit_colorful says:

I wish she was arrested. She should be in jail.

Lillythe Dog says:

Ô~% ï ćăńț §ë÷ ţ&>@

Coment I READ IT if you found out wht I said and coment what i said

KTA P says:

Yeh good luck finding an owner for that chestnut mustang. No one will take a horse that kicks you just trying to lead them. Better off putting that one down, not fair to stress out the horse that much or put someone in danger

kiomarely padilla says:

What does your place called , for I buy those por animals

Meow says:

I feel so bad about how many dogs they had to put down. Just because that woman couldn’t take care of them..

Maggiej Coble says:

I don't like what people do too the animals I started to crying I feel so bad for them.

tiffany j says:

why are none of them wearing masks is what keep wondering?!! like I'm pretty sure that would be considered hazardous right?

Ann Williams says:

How do you get the hoarder to see that she is NOT an animal lover! That her poor mental health is resulting in the TORTURE of those dogs. WHY?

Georgia James says:

The guy isnt using the proper technique with the mustang!!!! Thats frustrating

Some kid on The internet 200 says:

This is why I never want a pet it’s too much work and it’s easy to get obsessed

Kate Green says:

That animal hoarder is not an animal lover. If she was then she would have never put those animals through hell like that. Lots of those dogs had to be euthanized because of that monster and she does not love those animals she is causing them death and or not a happy life. I hope that lady gets in deep trouble.

Destiny Lewallen says:

I would take the Mustang but just train it enough then I will

Karo Anserlian says:

On 7:13 I saw a dog head in the feces

Amazing orange Kitties says:

Who could do something to these animal!? They are sweet and cute and they did nothing.

Belzy B says:

Poor animals. You guys are great. But you should bath then.


The matted dog was the Only one they could save from that house? I find that hard to believe! SMH

8Bobtails says:

This is terrible. I look at my 7 RAW fed and Naturally Reared dogs with love and CARE… How come these hoarders don't end up in jail?

Terri Troutner says:

Did she burn the house down?

Micah Vroege says:

Matilda is so cute!

Its says:

Ridiculous! She shouldn't be allowed to go near any animal let alone keep 2 dogs. This lady is insane, she doesn't care for these animals if she did she wouldn't let them live In that filth for many years. How the hell can she herself live in that filth.

becky yu says:

I have 3 dogs and I spoil them they have better life than many human. When I watch these dogs. See their hair. They nails the way they acting in front people. My heart breaking to million pieces. How people can let this happen! It’s not one day two day thing. Why don’t just open your door let them go to the wild would be better than that. My heart is hurting by watching these. No animal should be treat like that doesn’t matter what kind situation you are in, there is always ways you can get help for them. I’m angry I’m sad I’m heartbroken

Abigail S. says:

I feel bad for these animals I would do what ever it takes to save them. I don’t like seeing animals like this it makes me feel bad for them and I love the people helping these animals. I love animals there like my whole life I have two cats and two dogs. Also a while ago my cousins dog died because he got ran over by a car and when I heard about it I cried and there other dog died because of cancer they were the best dogs in the world. The one that had cancer actually would save people’s lives. Thank you so much for helping these animals.

Stacey Jesso Green says:

I want Matilda so bad.She is such a sweet little girl.It broke my heart to see her in that state.Shame on you woman for letting it get out of hand.You should be ashamed of yourself.

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