10 Famous Gold Diggers Who Got Married Only For The MONEY

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10 Most Infamous Celebrity Gold Diggers Who Married Rich! Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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Celebrity couples might deal with the most drama in their daily lives because the media is almost always covering about them. Just look at what happens with celebrity cheating scandals like Brad and Jennifer or with Kylie and Tyga. It seems like these couples can never live happily ever after. Even if some couples can avoid the Hollywood gossip, there are some relationships that are so complicated that the tabloids will make something up to keep the drama flowing.

One of the most popular terms used in the celebrity world is “gold digger.” Even if you have never listened to Kanye West’s song about it, most people are familiar with the term. Some celebrities make millions and millions of dollars and we can’t help to be suspicious when they marry someone who is not famous at all. Are they really in love or is the person just a fan who wants more money in their life?

Well, even famous people are accused as gold diggers these days. Even if they’re known for having successful careers or a lot of money, these stars have been questioned about their marriages and relationships. Blac Chyna is engaged to Rob Kardashian, and we wonder if his family likes the idea of her getting some of their money. Then there are even men like Kevin Federline and Justin Thereox who married successful women with so much cash.

We don’t know for sure if these celebrities got married only for the money, but it’s questioning to see some of these relationships fall apart and the accused star demands for millions of dollars. Why is it that everyone makes a big deal about these kinds of couples? Because it sometimes seems odd to see 20-year-old models marrying people in their 80s or other stars jumping from billionaire to billionaire.

We wish we could know for sure on what lead these type of celebrities to keep on marrying people who make more money for them. Maybe it’s just true love or maybe it’s just the money, but we will never know. For now, we just have to entertain ourselves with the allegations and endless rumors. Get ready to see the top 10 famous celebrities who are speculated on getting married only for the money. Do you believe it might be true for some of these stars? Share your thoughts in the comments below and enjoy watching another video from TheTalko.

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Susanne Hyde says:

Megan Markle being one of them. Disgusting woman.! Harry will soon figure that one out.!

The Jokester says:

Isn't Kim richer then a basket ball player 🙁 so I dislike video

noo way says:

Losers connecting with Total Losers. Just shows you don't have to have talent or brains to have money.

Kesar Taj says:

wow look how much goods money can buy i wish i have that much money

Ayanna Sissilia Botei Vakamoce says:

I don't think that kim is a gold digger because she has a lot of many any way husband or not. she is a seces full women.

sinta rani says:

It's their choices anyway. The rich got hot young lady, and the girl got the money. You cant blame one side only. Ouw, and gold diggers are not only women FYI.

Travolta says:

Kate Middleton should be number one!

JulieAnkha N. says:

Narcissist people who want even more attention on them., with people scurrying around trying to please them.

enemay says:

gold digger shaming, I can't believe you talko, shame on you.

Chaos Angel says:


Ms Creativity says:


ima unicorn rainbow says:

kanye and kim that is true love not just for the business

Eli M says:

I can't believe you added Salma to this list!

Fiona BlueStar says:

"married only for money" well just incase anyone forgets… marriage requires both the people's permissions. so it aint really digging if treasure is already presented to u.

Peter Downey says:

Don't get me wrong about Kanye – yes, he does have quite a big ego, ought to know that Jesus can walk on water when it's in its LIQUID form and therefore being able to walk on ice does not make you Jesus, and needs to understand that slavery was not a choice (part of the very definition of the word "slavery" is that it isn't a choice), but other than that, he's a decent individual, and I respect him. But the fact that Kim K married him for his money is my biggest reason for hating her, because it tells me that she hates the poor! I'm poor myself, you know!

Rachel Bicket says:

When will these gold diggers learn money won't make them happy if there unhappy with in life. That's why men distrust a lot of females, Personally I'll stay a single, poor. Better off that way, even I've been used in the past when I had a good job.

Jim NORRIS says:

You call that thing beautiful. Y U K.
All women are Gold Diggers.

Janna Watson says:

Only 10?? There's a few they missed!

VjDeRek Oka4 Tv says:

I'm now sure you guys are here to promote Kim Kardashian… the others are reportedly to be good diggers but on gettin to Kim, you made it clear that she ain't one. But still made it to ur GD list

Georgina Winton says:

Omg soooo shocking

Deszare Godoy says:

I also don't think kim kardashion is a gold digger kim and kanya fell in love i'm pretty sure kim diden't do it for the money.

Deszare Godoy says:

Does anyone else feel me or is just me cause I disagree with the kim kardashion one.

Sif A.W.E says:

Kim Kardashian What a shooker (Sarcasm)

emery254 says:

What is drugs ?

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