Welcome Address by Vladimir Putin

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With the 2018 FIFA World Cup just days away, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin gives a welcome address to football fans across the world.


NidzoBanana says:

Best president of the 21. century!

An Hawk says:

Кривавий карлик-терорист

Georgia Ready says:

iamready103159@gmail…sir, please message me. Thank you.

Mr 1776 says:

Putin should liberate Donbass Ukraine from its globalist oppression

eltíotlacoa says:

el tío Putin y la tía Merkel.

MiaPow says:

this video looks like a scene from Civ 5

Rytis Gudanavicius says:

Putin rulit !!!

Da Orestes says:

He welcomed only Russian people with Russian language !

Guarionex Batista says:

I only heard communism will rise

Михаил Манивчук says:

Putin get away!

xJames The Owner says:

Translation : we beat cs go now we move at Pubg and fornite goodluck world we coming

Speedbird says:

This is what a leader should be like

Kristhian Naquiche says:

putin sape!

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