How Long Does it Take to Get Addicted to Smoking ?

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This video explains, scientifically, everything you need to know about smoking and addiction.

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Eugene Romano says:

Wrong! Get your facts straight before you spread more propaganda! Nicotine is not very addictive, as a matter of fact no more so than caffeine. The ACT of smoking and the other chemicals COMBINE with the nicotine to create the addiction. If nicotine was so addictive, WHY are nicotine replacement products NOT addictive? This is why nicotine gums and patches DO NOT work to quit. The ONLY way to quit smoking for 95% of people is to replace smoking with the ACT of smoking. The answer? VAPING!!

whocares idnt says:

I just tried it today for the first time just to experience it and im thinking about it just now

Ghaeen us salam says:

so im like a 17 year old and due to some shit i get depressed sometimes and smoke a cig…and not more than 1 ..and not even daily…after 2 ..or 4 days only if im depressed…so whats my i addicted..cause i dont feel like it. and i feel like if i wont smoke for a long would have zero effect on me. i only smoke when im really depressed and have no way to get rid of it….so some advice would be really helpful…like should i stop doing it…ans if i do..what should be the alternative

lazurm says:

Everyone is different. The best way to find out is to experiment on yourself.

Chandan Tanha says:

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XxPESHMERGExX 203 says:

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