1 Week Postpartum Update: Breastfeeding, Weight Loss | HAUSOFCOLOR

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Just wanted to give you guys a little update 1 week after giving birth, let me know if you have any questions! Xx

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anjelina julie says:

If you want any suggestion I would certainly be happy to help you, actually I know an herbal bland healthy nursing tea” which is up to the mark formula in order to increase breast milk supply.

Carissa Collier says:

I just had my son June 1st, 4 days ago and he cluster fed the exact same way and I also only got 2 hours of sleep that first night. It was the most trying experience I’ve ever had!! But my milk is in now and I feel so blessed!

Florencia Sherlin says:

How many ounches collected in first week? Mine is 3 weeks old now, but my milk supply is decrease because i didn't pump on first week.

Norianis Sherlocked says:

I am 3 weeks postpartum, and my son doesn't want to nurse. I too have introduced the bottle too early, but only after he didn't feed at all. now I almost have no milk and I am freaking out. what should I do?

everevolvingmama says:

I was the same way. Exlcusively pumped with my first because of a lip tie & thrush so she fell in love with the bottle. But with my second nursed a lot more , plus pumped for convenience. I enjoyed both experiences. Obviously pros and cons to both, but not having to have to plan so much ahead to pump is a nice difference 🙂

Caiyi Zhong says:

It really helpful! Why I didn’t watch your video early.

Shay Vaughn says:

I need your mom after birth

carol thompson says:

You look so good. I got back in shape after having my second child by drinking "Mummy magic weight loss tea" regularly.

Marnelli Joy says:

I feel you on all the traditions. Filipinos have lots of the same things.

Emily Barratt says:

How do you make the soup that boosts your breast milk supply??

dabblebabblegirl says:

Sitting here cluster feeding mine at 7 days still. 7 days of of cluster feeding. I got my milk in yesterday and it clogged my ducts and started mastisis

Judy Witrago says:

Congrats!! What breast pump are you using if you don’t mind me asking? Looking for a new pump to take back to work with me.

Shann2x says:

You’re already able to pump after 9 days ?

Rosa Rose says:

How is he sleeping now

Thanh-Thuy Tran says:

My mom told me all the same things too! I thought she was crazy, she didn't always give me an explanation of why I should do those things so I would not listen when it was not convenient. No beef for scaring and no shellfish apparently because it will cause itchiness in your vagina…Asians….I don't know if we're so clever or flat out crazy cause I couldn't find any of these old wives tales on the internet. My mom also told me not to allow the baby around any women that is on her period (I thought that was the craziest) and baby is not allowed at funerals or around dead people. For my next baby I'll definitely be more serious about it. Love your videos!

ciscadanielle says:

Congrats on new baby boy. Named my 3 month old James.

Wendy Duval says:

I'm due may 4 but already 3 cm dilated with our first little girl so she could come any time really, the labor an delivery is pretty scary but so worth it. Your so blessed to have your mom help out it's a privilege believe me.. I also want to breast feed so I hope that goes well!

Mo P says:

Hi! Love your channel! I recently became a new mom and been trying to pump…but haven’t really had any luck….was wondering how long you pump for and how many times a day do you pump?? Thanks!! Btw your kids are so cute! 🙂

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