Backstage at Science Museum’s robots exhibition: ‘You can always unplug them’

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The Guardian’s design critic, Oliver Wainwright, goes behind the scenes at the Science Museum’s robots exhibition with the curator, who introduces him to some of the most advanced humanoid robots in the world.
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From a lifelike baby to robots without conscience, the curator explains where the technology is at, who may use it and how far it has to go.

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Hint Of Salt says:

the mission is to deceive

April Swanson says:

I will take 1 robot baby….ty…weird

Mary Wright says:

its cook to have a robot baby as for some people cant have babies yah ok your right there is children that can be adopted and babies but what if the person or couples cant adopted a real baby think of that factor

mansoor aba says:

In this world we need to be interacting with metaphysical world , and emotions to live a better life.
we should try to held needy people out there in the world.
there are millions of poor people in this world in Africa in Asia and Middleeast , but people still ignoring about all.

Diletant says:

Why on Earth we need them?

George Fell says:

I like to have a playmate robot version of Ling Lee. She's pretty hot! Oh, uhhhh….yeah the robots are pretty cool too.

Superpureeliteful says:

Man kind is something to be surpassed..

Sam manzouri says:


_____ Ellis says:

I don't mind robots but actually congratulate their success so far but seeing the life looking one creep me out. I feel I'm not the only one, I rather see a robot that looks more like a robot (machined parts and whatever) and I think Ill feel a lot more comfortable and think others might be as well.

TRUEscotsman GAMING says:

what a repulsive thing that someone created a robot that imitates a human baby absolutely disgusted

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