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Ellie Sharpe says:

What uni is it you go to? This would love to look into this course!

confust says:

Hey Emmy, which programs do you use for some of those works?

Antonia Rioseco says:

what software did you use to create your magazine?!

grace c. t says:

do you have to take art and design all the way till the end of highschool for graphic design schools?

Courtney Pearce says:

WOW you have been busy girl!! Great work 🙂

Safiyya S says:

which university do you go to?

Vivian Hernandez says:

I loveeeeee your Chaos And Order poster and your Impeach Trump poster!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

komorebi says:

do you need to be good at drawing to be a graphic designer?

Nana Wordie says:

lmao I love your impeach trump poster and aye I learned about Karl Marx in ap world history

Aydan Jane says:

Could you do a graphic design tutorial? I would love to see it on on your MacBook!! Your work is soooo creative!

oui says:

i love your designs!! what are you going to do after school finished? where graphic designers work? if you have any information can you share because i want to be designer too but i just dont know where are they work.

Amyyy Xx says:

Ahh I love this! I’m hoping to get into a college to do graphic design

cody hughes says:

i’m working on a zine to promote a typeface for my typography class right now and it’s so much fun

J Maureen says:

yaaAaass i love ur videos❤️❤️ u’re so talented

Cris Garcia 6 says:

Your designs are looking good by the way Emmy. You are very good on digital art and design

HeyItsKieran says:

What a very good kitty

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