Groundbreaking study says some breast cancer patients may not need chemo

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About 70% of women diagnosed with the early stages of one of the most common forms of breast cancer might not need chemotherapy as part of treatment, according to the results of a long-awaited study presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in Chicago.


Alto's Music Lab says:

I read that nail polish causes breast cancer……

GADCL4 says:

Little known fact that titty doctors will try to hide from you: fresh sperm applied externally to titties on at least a daily basis can help prevent titty cancer. So drop all those pointless tests and get your husband, boyfriend or a complete stranger on the street to wank on your hooters today.

SSanf says:

So what were the tests that told doctors using chemo to torture women who were already scared for their lives was a good idea in the first place? I am a five and a half year breast cancer survivor. Thank Gods that my doctor had the sense not to use chemo or I would be so pissed. I have very good doctor. I am sure the system could have made a lot more money off my cancer than it did but I was spared and I am very grateful.

Alan S says:

So how many women has the medical industry killed with poisonous chemical drugs before this study came out? Bottom line……the cancer industry doesn't care if you live or die, they just want your money.

roxie Saeger says:

need any form of surgery, go to countries that are practicing and applying with more modern techniques and tools like South Korea. Also, places like South Korea have more better specialized doctors and they don't charge nearly as much money as they do the US.
I wouldn't be surprised if they already knew about this 'new' discovery of not having to use chemotherapy all the time probably like years ago.
The US is always behind in medical treatment and very expensive.
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isshinish says:

So many quakers online. If you think the ultimate cure is around the corner, why would rich and doctors dies of cancer? If we have cure now, Steve Jobs would be alive.

MaidenAirTM says:

they didn't explain what the New procedure does CMON CNN

Kev C says:

I love when people comment “CNN is fake news” yet you’re watching it. Fox News is fake news and I never click on a Fox News video and would never be caught in the comment section

mcesmy says:

as much as i like CNN, to anyone viewing this: DO NOT TAKE THIS VIDEO (OR ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET, FOR GRANTED). as a cancer patient who is doing chemo, my best advise is to follow what doctors say, and avoid following generic advise found on the internet

Davynn Winter says:

There are many ways to cure various cancers. Chemotherapy may kill cancer cells but it also kills healthy cells. Long term even if you get rid of said cancer with chemo, your chance of getting cancer again in the next five years is almost certain. Peopke all over the world are ginding cheap ways to cure cancer but they don't report on such things.

Cerboy Vary says:

Why only women

Kyle Ruth says:

Why do Republicans believe them now when they deny climate science.

S. Harvey says:

The chemo kills you before the cancer never do chemo always look into alternative medicine

Raging Monk says:

"The test costs thousands of dollars" which is short for "Insurance doesn't cover it". I have lost faith in America's medical practice. I had two doctors type my symptoms into a laptop and it gave them the diagnoses. Hell I can Web M.D. for free.

matthew cogar says:

calpers is 70% funded. everyone in cali is a moron or daughter of.

Evin Akmal says:

If you want to cure your cancer. Come to my country. We have the cure since 5000 years. But we don't brag about it so the rest of the world don't even know. And the best thing about that is it's 100% free. Just need a little time of your life and a lot of concentration.

fucking president bush says:

I watch my little cousin a 26 mother of 3 kids , with her whole life ahead of her suffer a year all the while smiling through it all. I'll never forget these words…THRU THE RAIN THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SUNSHINE! She died of stage 4 breast cancer less than 4months ago. She did not deserve to die. She tried to raise 40 grand to help herself and no one could help her. Not even me , so I prayed and prayed. The day she posted on social media…THE PAIN IS UNBEARABLE PRAY FOR ME! I knew it was it , so I prayed for her a painless and safe travel. I know the chemotherapy advanced her fate. FUCK CANCER! Rest in peace P.

Richard Ralph Roehl says:

A cure for cancer will never be found… because a cure simply isn't profitable.

You may not like what I say, but it's an ugly truth.

Mouad Boutadghart says:

That's already known !!!

Dimitri Vincheov says:

CHEMO IS POISON AND DOES NOT CURE CANCER. This applies to ALL cancers, not just breast cancer. Even just not doing anything at all, you will live longer than if you do chemotherapy. Cancer treatment is a money making scam. The end of the world must be nigh for the elite to put this story out there.

Raw Stories says:

congratulations !

Raw Stories says:

If this happens, it's great.

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