Awful Youtube Ads 4

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The fourth instalment of our trek through terrible ads focuses mostly on anime dating sims and weird Wish TM. products… somehow we had toilet spiner and yet still go downhill each video.


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A n o n says:

I saw the ad that was at 4:14, it made me cringe so hard i almost teleported to Hanmer space.

gīgī says:

lol the second one stole sayori

pikapals41 says:

I like the pumpkin hill instrumental in the background. You should probably link to it or something in the description…

The Ginger Talks says:

I've seen all these ads

moon cultist says:


The Chicago gamer says:


꧁DarkBlaze꧂ says:

thumbnail Trinity Seven

Marko says:

I keep seing an add with teens or students talking all inspirational like '' We are not afraid of responsebilities '', '' We shape the world '', and then it turns out to be a McDolands ad with those people working there. Because… you know… working at McDonealts is so world changing and inspiring and makes me wanna eat/work there

Antonius Nathanael says:

4:43 is that lilith asami from trinity seven :3 ???

Jason says:

I think shadow's ring are weighted, used to train arm muscles, which explains why he always gets that power up look when he takes them off

Now Loading says:

I literally got the liquid gold add while you were talking about it

Lightling Candy says:

oh i hate the sexual ads

Shaco Taco says:

Spice and wolf op in that ad gives me feels

LeLennyMeme totallynotded says:

Yea um I would pick "Deny" Wait, there's no deny option?! Ah crap!

Tessa L. Johnson says:

The video got interrupted by a real ad and I got so confused

xCyber says:

The worst part of this video is that one damn part of the background that isn't connected

PuppyLuvU2 says:

obviously gotta take the big risk and select Marry…its all or nothing! ;D

The Terrarian says:

Great, now get this disgusting thumbnail off my recommendations youtube.

ghosti cats :3 says:

Wow the thumbnail is disgusting

Azat Gaming Alt says:

My phone got a ad x girls?

Juicy Juice says:

i actually thought at the beginning it was an add.

w4st 0f sp4se says:

eat my ass out daddy

Anyomixic says:

Would I rather, date, kiss, hug, or 15:17

Kinzsters172 says:

How do you add advertisements to Watch Later

N4FZ Gold N says:

I got the same as as the thumbnail

The only person who married marribelle on their first game says:

My favorite ads are the webcomics one. I never click on them or check them out but I find them interesting

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