Putin on Trump’s call to have Russia back with G7: We never left

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Russia has never turned its back on the G8 (now G7), Vladimir Putin said, speaking at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). The latter, however, is now stronger in some aspects, including power parity, he added. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/9790

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henry hurst says:

I would like to have a taste of change. A relation with Russia and China would be interesting . America is now turning into a individualist country and perhaps China and Russia could "open their doors"

henry hurst says:

Will we see a flip on European international relations in the next 20 years

danceballetacro says:

It's clear, the REAL enemy of the world are the globalists and the girl riding the beast, the EU and ask it stands for. I predict Italy will leave EU next.

Robert Burchett says:

The three country's in the world who's leaders really want peace and the best for its people are Israel , Russia and the U.S.! The rest showed and are still showing their lack of respect and love for their own people, culture and religion by flooding their countries with Muslims who hate all other cultures religions and people who do not and will not bow to their demonic god! The leaders of the other countries who turned their backs on their own people need to be hung for treason!

gotip58 says:


U.S. sanctions Russian businesses, executives over cyberattacks


The Treasury Department on Monday added five Russian companies and three Russian individuals to its sanctions list for supporting Moscow’s global campaign of cyberattacks.
The sanctioned firms provided “material and technological support” to the FSB, Russia’s main security agency, according to the department.

The move freezes any assets the businesses and executives have in the U.S. and bans Americans from doing business with any of them.
“The entities designated today have directly contributed to improving Russia’s cyber and underwater capabilities through their work with the FSB and therefore jeopardize the safety and security of the United States and our allies,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement.
The targeted firms include Digital Security, the Kvant Scientific Research Institute and Divetechnoservices. Two others, ERPScan and Embedi, are “owned or controlled” by Digital Security.


Boulder Bridges @ Ready to Work Employment says:

How is Putin always a boss without even trying….?

Sideways N says:

They never left? Just like the cold war never ended for them and we now have a president gripped by their dictator's fist?


G-6 . Gay 6

Samiam says:

President Putin and President Trump put their citizens first unlike the rest of the traitors

tino v says:

Why go back to G7 ? Waste of time..fuck em.

Norbert Mongeon Sr says:


Adan Gomez says:

Russia's Wealth has been robbed by Putin and his cronies but NO WORRIES, he is selling NATIONALISM and empty Russian Pride.


Samiam says:

Putin wouldn't let Islam invade his country, and rape the women and children like our western leaders did ,and for that I applaud him

KL L says:

The United States is afraid of Russia. Russia and China are closely related to the economic and military relations. US+China+Russia=peace, Trump doesn't care EU because he knows even if EU hate US but they couldn't do anything, Why?
Britain and France join the United States to destroy Syria is the best proof. The European Union wants to help the United States grab more territory from the Middle East,however Russia and China stand with Middle East countries, so Trump played a trade war with China and even other countries to cover up the conspiracy. Now Trump doesn't have choice must kiss Russia ass, because Trump did not expect the trade war with China to cause America's economic problems.

Mutlap says:

The presence of a representative from Russia when the G7 meet. There was no presence of Putin at the meeting.

jeremy smith says:

Russia never left because he has trump doing his work for him

Lalit Singh says:

European union only use 5a

Hamilton Rodgers says:

Putin's sort of like Napoleon, only shorter.

Jfk Democrat says:

Rather see a G6! Would love to have the U.S. pull out of both NATO & the G7. That would really give the EU a well deserved Wedgeeeeeeedeee!!!!

earthie48 Johnson says:

I'm sorry, I am an American, and there is NOTHING Putin/Russia has not done, that MY COUNTRY has done 20 Times OVER! No way should Russia be held to a HIGHER GROUND than my Country!

My government STOP invading Countries like the Middle East FOR THEIR OIL, then when you STOP doing the TERRORIST BEHAVIOR you're doing, then no way can I protest against Putin! America is MORE GUILTY of invasions than Russia could ever be! STOP THE LIES & PROPAGANDA!

marcel12309 says:


DataWaveTaGo says:

Understanding Russia Today

Russia Orders Messaging Apps To Hide Cooperation With Law Enforcement

The new decree orders messengers to “ensure the non-disclosure of any information regarding specific facts and contents” when cooperating with the authorities.


Putin Signs Law Prohibiting VPNs Putin doubling down – cutting off Russian citizens' contact with Western media

President Vladimir Putin has signed amendments to an existing law that strengthens state control over the internet in a move the Kremlin claims is necessary to stop the spread of illegal content online


Russian Law Banning Anonymous Online Surfing Comes Into Effect Putin cutting off Russian citizens' contact from Western media

New regulations increasing Russian state control over the Internet by banning anonymous web surfing went into force on Wednesday


Internet Censorship Skyrockets in Russia in 2017, Study Says

Internet freedom in Russia has continued its downward spiral over the past year with over 115,000 recorded cases of censorship, according to an internet and media freedom report.


6 Signs There’s No Such Thing as Internet Freedom in Russia

The state’s attitude toward the internet has become increasingly hostile, says Agora’s most recent report. “The Internet is perceived by Russian authorities as a battleground.”


The Russian parliament is getting a new council to advise the country's top officials on morality, patriotism and "cultural extremism." Putin isolates Russians from The West

The new State Duma Council for Culture, Religion and Interethnic Relations will report to Parliamentary Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian tabloid Izvestia reported Tuesday.

Its remit is expected to include monitoring society's "moral climate," "preventing cultural extremism" and promoting "patriotic education," sources told the outlet.


Russians Are Getting Used to Being Broke


Smith CommaJohn says:


jamais vaincu says:

I'd hang Putin ..that's my policy!

plnkfloydian says:

Why wouldn’t we want one of the worlds super powers at the table amongst the others? Only makes since if you ask me.

Nick Warriner says:

Make me laugh really. Russians trying to take over the world haha. They contribute nothing to the world. They make cars that nobody buys because they are so crap, dolls which fit inside each other. They really have no idea. Poor lonely Russia.

Horseracing uk group H.R.U.K says:

Trump Putin known Allies in the war against the Modern industrial Oligarchy The Globalist Agenda is now starting to panic.

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