LeBron James Postgame Interview | NBA Finals Game 4

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LeBron James speaks with the media following a 108 – 85 Game 4 loss to the Golden State Warriors.

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T Mayo says:


Robbie Davis says:

Long live the king.

R.J. Miller says:

KEVIN DURANT has ruined THE NBA AND THE PLAYOFFS. If he can really look Into the mirror and believe that his rings are well deserved, they should count, they actually where well earned, where really tough then he is one delusional brother. Kevin, you joined the best team in history after your team couldn’t beat them. It’s probably the most cowardly move in all OF SPORTS HISTORY. Look, KD your a great player. Nasty skills, sick jumper, can play D, probably a top 15 overall player when it’s all said and done but as long as he is playing for this team, in my opinion and many other people’s opinion HIS CHAMPIONSHIPS WILL NOT COUNT… win on with Russ in OKC and yes, they will count. And no one talk about LeBron joining a “super team”. The heat weren’t no where near the 73-9 team that KD joined. KEVIN DURANT Joined THE BEST TEAM IN THE NBA; a team with 3 ALL STARS, SUPER MAX, FIRST BALLOT HALL OF FAME PLAYERS IN THIER PRIME! I have no respect for Kevin Durant’s rings and I’m not sure how he looks into the mirror and calls himself a TRUE CHAMPIONs shit I’ll count my own high school state football title over any Kevin Durant’s rings while he is playing for Golden State.

Quicktwosteps says:

The blackboard was not even mounted on a concrete wall. It's a portable blackboard. The ones on the wheels.

A 270lb man punching a probably less than 20lb portable blackboard should not cause a devastating injury.

Good try though. =D

James Evans says:

they need to add more ball handlers

Michael Jibas says:

James u r a great player of all time!!
King James #fan

James Evans says:

only if he had kyrie Irving

Ray Arvizu says:

LeFraud Queen James tripped over a broom on his way to the locker room after Game 4 & feel to the floor & broke his hand. I can't wait to see LeShannon Sharpe on Undisputed tomorrow with the G.O.A.T. Mask & Jordan Jersey on.

Julian Mendoza says:

Bye Lebron James

Gino Cadavid says:

You guys call him the GOAT?!?! Lmao

the Hamilton family l says:

All yall bron fans can stfu. Yall believe this lieng ass punk. He lie

Mariah Lin says:

Alight, game 4 was not a good performance by the King of the East. It was poor overall since the Warriors were too comfortable in the 2nd half.

But he is still the best player in the NBA in terms of floor impact and play making. MJ and Kobe never had to face a team like the Golden State Warriors, who are a damn dynasty.

MJ and Kobe won their titles in an era where they were the dominant team with the most talent. So let's stick to the facts. For example Kobe won 2 rings off a weak Nets and Magic team. Jordan won against an down trending Lakers and a less talented Suns team. Those were one-sided series.

shanker2010 says:

LeBron quit on his team and look to place his short coming on his teammate

BigAnt STL says:

Go to the bucks

DrivingBackward says:

The Charlotte Hornets trade Michael Jordan to Cleveland for LeBron James.

vinsanity15 says:

anybody that wants to become a professional athlete good luck

Loudmouth Pastor says:

Call the Waaaaaammmmmm-u-lancceeeeee

Loudmouth Pastor says:


Oridginale24 says:

Bron Haters: Stephen A Smith, Skip Bayless, Rob Parker, & Jason Whitlock

Bronsexuals: Max Kellerman, Shannon Sharpe, Nick Wright, & Colin Cowherd

Neutral Niggaz: Chris Broussard & Tim Legler

Dudjdu Ehhdd says:

Quit being a puss show your face

pokemastermat says:

4 years in Heat 2 Rings
11 years in Cleveland 1 Ring

Emmanuel Ramirez says:

Just look at the views on this interview vs the Durant's interview amount of views… This one has been viewed three times more, why?! Cause he is the best player of the league at the moment and the most popular!

Emmanuel Ramirez says:

Best player of the league…despite of anything it's being said…

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