CBD and Medical Research: Stuart Titus Presents

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Erin Frost says:

this is a good one to watch then watch again!

Gina Anderson says:

I have always heard over many years that the correct pronunciation for cannabinoid and cannabinol (etc.) is with the emphasis on the 2nd syllable – NAB. kuh-NAB-uh-noid and kuh-NAB-i-nol. Not sure there is the choice here like the old song of po-tay-toe // po-tah-toe or to-may-toe // to-mah-to. In science, words are scientifically pronounced and I personally think Dr. Titus is incorrectly pronouncing (and spreading) the word KAN-uh-bin-oid instead of the correct kuh-NAB-i-noid. Anyone? Anyone? Anyone know FERSURE?

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