Spirit Science 33_8 ~ The Miracle of Fasting

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In this episode, we continue our exploration into health and nutrition by discovering what could very well be one of the the greatest healing abilities that we have available to us—fasting. Fasting has been described as a miracle cure by countless generations before us due to its inexplicable nature to rapidly detox the body and put us into a state of rapid rejuvenation.

In addition to this, fasting also is a powerful spiritual practice which has been used as a technique across many spiritualities for thousands of years and said to connect us with God regardless of the faith.

There are many different types of fasts, whether it be water fasting, juice fasting, intermittent fasting, or dry fasting. There are other fasts that combine these together which have been more recently invented, such as ‘the master fast cleanse’ as well. In this video, we look at all of them, and explore the value and benefits of them all.

Links from the video:
Dr. Filonov’s Book

7 Days Dry – Jordan’s 7 Day Dry Fast

Giovanni’s 50 Days on the Master Fast Cleanse

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Scio te diligam te et liber fieri says:

You’re cover pic for this vid is $hit racist!

I’m a pale dude and that pissed ME off!

Hunter Sidwell says:

"Super Vision" Love how Vision shows up!!!!!!

asianhippy says:

Something you didn't mention is that fasting can also cause death.

Siim Land says:

I thought Dr Filonov was a myth. Where did you get footage about him?

sailor soul says:

Happy Ramadhan karim

Doctor Acanthamoeba says:

Good to see you referenced your assertions, not bad.

Ar shid says:

wow Jesus is here and now is called spirit science .Teacher iluminate me

Intrepid Journey says:

does beer count

Wubaluba Dubdub says:

Fasting fun fact: never question the fart. Just go to the toilet. Every time

zelen plav says:

Orthodox Christians do vegan most of the year. Meat and fish other times of the year when the fish are not laying eggs. water fast for other holy days. My grand parents lived into their 100's +. I dont want that but untill I die I want to be healthy and lucid.

Gerry Gray says:

Sun gaze eventually your body requires no food

Adrien V says:

Always a pleasure watching your videos. I always feel as though my questions and curiosities have been satisfied while still wanting to explore deeper. Please continue your outstanding efforts to create these fantastic works of art.

Mostafa Rahma says:

Not all diabetic cases could fast

Miles Bismarck says:

Being broke is a quick way to fast

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