Corsair’s iCUE Software Lets You Turn Your RGB LEDs OFF

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Corsair’s iCUE Software Lets You Turn Your RGB LEDs OFF
Here’s a look at the next generation of software control for your system monitoring and peripheral lighting — called iCUE, with a crazy amount of flexibility. Also new Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4, the 280X Micro-ATX case, and the Obsidian 500D RGB Special Edition.

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Zach Crawford says:

So when are all of these RGB LEDs going to be replaced by micro laser projectors?

darkdemise99 says:

So you want me to actually make my computer run slower so it looks cooler? No thank you, so tiered of rgb and tempered glass, what happened to function before form?

dogboy0912 says:

Less wide please

Jonathan R says:

Also, iCue uses 15% of my cpu vs 1-2% with Corsair Link. That doesn't include speedfan, because they only support fan control when it's plugged into a commander pro.

Jonathan R says:

It actually doesn't. You can set rgb values to 0 but it just is a really dim white. The hardware doesn't match the software.

Turk says:

i just want the kits and gear to be available without RGB or the RGB tax and increase

Nosfy 5 says:

iCue is currently a loads of shit. It keeps ignoring my fans for me which is super annoying.

MrZoichi says:

Does iCue work with non-Corsair products? Just curious on my end because I really liked the Kraken X62 and couldn't stand the look of the H150i. It would be nice to control everything from one program, but I understand if it doesn't with stuff Corsair doesn't make.

Michael Dust says:

Its xmas lights 24/7 365 days

r0ssel0203113 says:

RGB is waste of power specially when you count it on thousands of PCs. Some companies even have no innovations whatsoever in terms of technology than to just add rgb to their outdated parts. I know it's about looking good but it's just lame and childish to emphasise solely on RGB. Do they really think that all the PC users are 12 years old so called gamer?


Hurrdurr I can't turn my Rgb off with other hardware. Hurrr

Fabixz says:

no music sync no fun

marc acee says:

very nice b roll

hXc Hector says:

I hope it actually works.

Max Fox says:

I have icue, and it uses 13% cpu and has problems waking from sleep

eseb1ghu3ro says:

im wondering if corsair is gonna do an rgb psu to rival thermaltakes…maybe a psu with the ll fans?

DracMan YouTube says:

Can you do in-depth coverage of RGB fans?

Chris Season says:

question: does anyone actually like having their entire system rgbified?

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