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Video footage has emerged showing the emotional reunion between a 63-year-old first-time drug offender whose life sentence was commuted by President Donald Trump on Wednesday and her family. Alice Johnson is seen running out of an SUV (center) and sprinting into the arms of her waiting loved ones in Aliceville, Alabama. The joy on her face was visible as she jubilantly ran toward her adoring relatives. Hours earlier, Trump freed the drug offender grandmother after commuting her sentence. Her case has been championed by reality TV star Kim Kardashian who was welcomed into the White House Oval Office last week to discuss her case.

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Mr Win says:

CNN , your Prize Canidate & President, Passed 1994 Crime Act & promised to take Funds from any State That Didn't Pass Super Predator Laws, (3) Laws, as a result a Black American or an Unfortunate American could spend life in Prison for simple as stealing a Bag of Chips, Trump Not Our Black Coon President Obama or Good Ole Boy Bush, Did anything about it, TRUMP is the Face of Prison Reform, & those illegal immagrants America is fighting so hard to Keep is here main job is To Replace Our Black Lives DemoRATS Will Promise You That Matters….Wake Up Black People Democrats The Home Of Real Racism….

Eric Kammerzelt says:

Nice editing out all the thanking of Trump. This is why you are no longer relevant news.

Billy McAuliffe says:

A drug runner is free !!!

Sir Alfred Lawrence says:

Kim Kardashian didn't set anyone free. What an idiotic title.
Governors and the President have pardoning powers.

Brenda Lastname says:

Kim, you have impressed me to the point where I will give your family another chance. You have really impressed me thank you for what you did for this lady.

abdi abdallah says:

when my booty is working

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