Kids Pretend Play Shopping at Supermarket for Healthy food

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Kids Pretend Play Shopping at Supermarket for Healthy food


sisters fun tube 2 says:

hi guys deema and sally shopping for healthy food

Kids Pretend Play Shopping at Supermarket for Healthy food

Klaudia Matacz says:

Sweets and ice cream for sally


healthy food

Cooler Queen says:

I think that you shoul buy a few sweets and healthy food

Maricela Flores says:

You should get sweets for Sally everything that she wants she's just a baby she should get everything she wants

adel musa says:

you should get sweet

Jennifer a says:

i like strawberry 🙂 cool shopping video guys 🙂

Sulman Deria says:

I think candy deamer

Lorena Campos says:

no on the biggest fan and I think you should give her healthy food so she could not be sick for the rest of your life and remember I'm the biggest fan

Pasileia Mataele says:

Sweets for sally Dimma

nadia jeancharles says:

You guys should get sweet for sally because she loves sweet .if you agree like to Abiel comment pretty please

Veronica Jaramillo says:

Healthy food is delicious

Dalya Altayeb says:

What about you get healthy food and sweets and she could eat the healthy food then she could eat the sweets

Cool Girl says:

Eat healthly food and then sweets as a desert

Brook Lyn Vanderhoff says:

sweets and ice cream for that little baby

dude says:

I think you should give her sweets

Lucila Castilleja says:

Get Sally some sweets

Maria Mendez says:

Healthy food she is a baby

Patricia Pickett says:

Sweets for sally

Jhonny Peguero says:

I think you should get her sweets

Sisters Of Sisterhood says:

Sweet get the sleep

Aleisha Seabolt says:

Healthy food

edwin dominguez says:

Good gob demma you are a helfy sister

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