WWDC18 Recap: It’s all about Software

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I didn’t cover everything! But I did try to cover everything I could given we had to record this video twice… audio file was corrupted. But Please let me know your favorite new announcement at WWDC18

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Lukas van Husen says:

I really want iOS 12 and the measure app! It’s great!

The Hud says:

Awesome overview/recap of Dub Dub DC18

Moe EL says:

IOS 12 is the equivalent of Android lollipop – which is (or newer) on %100 Android phones.

DE M says:

Very well executed.

Alex Frost says:

Next they need to put files in iTunes, I love putting my movies on my iTunes but hate the fact that they aren't in files so it's easier to use.

scuba buddy5 says:

My favorite iOS 12 features are definitely the grouped notifications, FaceTime with more than 2 people, gestures for my iPad to mimic my iPhone X, and the AR measure app. 🙂

Noah Hartley says:

Drew, you can run Android 8 on the S2, and most apps run on Android 4 still

Piscean 45 says:

IOS 12 all features come from samsung experience 9 Google bixby human like emoji from sam,nothing new been using those features for years.apple is finally catching up to samsung experience 9 and early touchwiz.lol

legitmontrellthigpen says:

Google does not make nor control what other manufactures do with Android. Apple would literally have the same problem if they allowed 3rd party manufactures.

Microsoft (Windows)
Google (Android)
All have an ever lasting market share in their OS categories that will probably never decline. However, this comes at the sacrifice of fragmentation due to the lack of control of manufactures.

The perks of having a controlled ecosystem is being able to push things out, the cons of a controlled ecosystem is only being able to push out to a fraction of the competitor's market share. Unless you're in the States. Then everything is up for grabs

Piscean 45 says:

That siri feature sounds like bixby

Syed Bakth says:

The new MacOS was the best announcement can't wait to try Mojave

Jonas Blunk says:

so when do you think the hardwear is comming because i wanted to change before I go back to school in september?

Kristian Larsen says:

LOL you kidding me? my apple watch is only 3 years old i was hoping to keep it 4 4 years. Apple: long therm support -_-

Kristian Larsen says:

yeye you android hater. #Android one will soon shut you up.

shanghaichica says:


Ios: Siri shortcuts, AR kit, memoji
Performance enhancements for my iPad mini 4, iPhone X gestures for iPad.

WatchOS: Walkie talkie, Siri suggestions and shortcuts, FaceTime audio, podcasts and audiobooks

HomePod: Siri shortcuts, FaceTime audio

TVOS: meh

MacOS: Changeable wallpaper, documentpresentation features

Niam Reagan says:

6:50 Wait, Apple watches your videos? You never told us that. Congratulations! I love your videos and I’m glad Apple does too now. 🙂

darshit pattan says:

What a scam is Apple's group notification.
Group notification not only groups the notifications of the app but also the messages under 1 bubble/box.
iOS 12 only stacks them under 1 application name but all the messages FROM THE SAME PERSON still shows up in DIFFERENT bubbles/boxes.

How is it really group notification?

Wayne Johnny says:

Big Shot Gangster Putting Together a crew

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