Where Can I Hide if the Global Economy COLLAPSES? Locations, Threats, Preparation!

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If the global economy collapses, you need to be prepared. Where can you hide? What are the pros and cons of these locations? Are they prone to natural disasters? Currency and economic stability, etc.

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Norman Agbas says:

Talking is to slow. So so boring.

Anthony Cloud says:

Purely subjective, and not very well done, at that. What is the objective of moving? You're assumptions are based on thumbnail ideas of generalized news drawn from MSM. An economic collapse will change the face of EVERY place you "recommend." Hopefully, no one will be stupid enough to take this as credible.

Max Wild says:

Australia and New Zealand could be the safe zones if they rely on each other.


no where to run no where to hide
scared buy a dog you hundred year old
MFs gonna die of fright don't know where you from but i live in war zone all my life BX NY meet me when the collapse collapses and we see what theae cowards really about till then
eat a dick

Clovir MG says:

Aha. You missed the best place. No. I'm NOT going to tell you πŸ™‚

Archduke says:

Scandinavia won't be safe. Lol

SΓ©rgio Moraes says:

U r so wrong man…

Eric M says:

I bought land deep in the forest of northern Ontario in Canada. Don't worry guys, I'll come out and repopulate earth when you're gone.

Gina Hewitt says:

Pray for a guide. You can run but u can not hide. The word say " they ran into their cave and the cave didn't save them."

SHARKY says:

Three pretty safe and moderately rich nations are Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina. The financial crisis in 2008 did not hit them at all. Those guys there have been through far worse times like the Yugoslav wars. You bet they're as safe as possible.

god jr. says:

a racist demon speaks, ,, of where we should hide from what he intend to do to the world

Happy Haze says:

I would like to market this video as a cure for insomnia. Do I need to go through the FDA and will I need to pay royalties to this dude?

Timberhawk says:

Now that Smaug is gone, it's time to hole up in Erebor.

JC Smith says:

What about illegal immigrants in sweden?

Killah Priest says:

rising sea levels would make new zealand a nope country

Beatrice Bravo says:

I think you should have a list instead of me going forward to find the answers

BlackFaced Gooner says:

Africa will be the continent. Natural resources and friendly humble people. The potential is crazy and the whole world population could easily live there. Future is Africa be real.

arun nirmal says:

i would go to suriname

Dimas Dzaky Erlandy says:

Your voice is so soothing its like an asmr already

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