The doxing of @AmyMek by Huffington Post and Left wing media

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the doxing of AmyMek by Huffington Post and Left wing media

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Adaept Zulander says:

Honestly, people who dox should be hunted down and have their fingers broken.

Evan Wade says:

Thank you. I set the quality at 144p…still super slow…I suspect "they" are f*cking with your channel.
Health, peace, love and liberty to all.

Space Case says:

So what if she hates muslims or whatever, it's her choice, her views. She is (or was) free to have those views. Remember when nobody gave a shit about you or the way you think. Those were the good old days.

Thorny Dig8 says:

Punk ass bitches… Nuff said bout these jizz drinkers ✌

Only Child says:

If you dox someone and they are murdered you should get accessory to murder

Derek Kent says:

Ah Liberal's. They love poor people so much they are ethnically cleansing them from every city they run. They love poor people but they just don't want to have to step in them on a day to day basis. They also love Muslim refugees as well. As long as those refugees don't come to live anywhere near them lol. Yes come here. We will save you by putting you with all our poor and letting you fight them for limited resources and money. Liberals believe that if Jennifer Lawrence, who is worth over a hundred million, gets paid more then everybody's life gets better. Yes that's right if they help all those female celebrities, who are already members of the top 1%, poor women on minimum wage will instantly gain things and stuff and pink unicorns. Their farts will smell better as well, guaranteed. If you outlaw racism there will be no more racism. Just look at how outlawing murder and rape stopped all murders and rapes. It all makes perfect sense.

Roto Vicious says:

Why wont this video play?

Jasonjjw west says:

The husband was fired bc the WWE is moving into the Middle Eastern market.

Thomas DeMay says:

Democrat Tactics are Disgusting and Sick but Hard for me to feel sorry for or rally around these Big Twitter people that don't follow back. She don't support my tweets or little old me as part of the MAGA Movement so why should I be worried about giving her support. I say let her deal with it herself or see if one of the 500 people shes follows on Twitter wants to step up to bat for her.

Albert Hughes says:

peeps gotta start using vpn's

Tennessean says:

By the way this is a message for the shine June is the month when the slaves celebrated freedom, but the LGBT just took has put their stamp on your month that black slaves celebrated freedom,

Think about it

Bolt24 Hot Sounds says:

You are subbed to her. Gotcha 🙂

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