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2oc Production.
This is one of 20 Web videos for the My Futures Education web site. It is part of a number of tools that students can use to understand and learn about various occupations and tips for applying for jobs.


kuldeepsingh khalsa says:

I love animals and I can't see any injury of the animal

kuldeepsingh khalsa says:

I wanna become a zoologist.

Keston Rackham says:

I want to be a zoologist and im 11. Whats everybody favorite animal mine is bear

kaitlinn calcaterra says:

if anyone one was listening she is a zoologist who decided to work in a zoo.

Julie Blake says:

I really want to be a zoologist

Maibeauty101 says:

this is zookeeping not being a zoologist


This is my dream job it sounds like so much fun and it might seem like a zookeeper but its not cuz zoologists look after animals and breed them and stuff

Eloise Maeve says:

I love zoology, I've always wanted to work with animals but I didn't want to work in vets and stuff, I either want to work for the rspca but I feel like it would be heart breaking to see animals in bad conditions everyday so if I don't do that I want to be a zoologist and study cats or owls because they are my favourite animals, I understand cats body language and I would love to learn more about them and owls fascinate me.

Kassidy Martin says:

Thank you so much I'm 13 and I'm looking to be zoologist when I grow up is there any tips or things that will help me succeed?
And where do you work ?

Franz says:

who love animals??

Franz says:

so zookeeper is the protect them haha

Franz says:

zoologist protect every animals haha and take care of them , veterinary basically zoology department degree ^^

Ava ayers says:

Me and my best friend want to be zoologists

Kapurtakis says:

That's a zookeeper not a zoologist besides that good job

Gabby Chulick says:

If you become a zoologist rather than a zookeeper but still want to work in zoos, is the pay higher?

Minny Minx says:

Me and my sister have all ways wanted to be zoologists together. Can't wait. Honestly I love animals more than humans so looking forward to going away to other places 🙂


One of those words everyone pronounces wrong. It is Zo-ologist not Zoo-ologist.

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