Why Study… Zoology?

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Meet Amy, she studies Zoology.
We spoke to Amy about why she chose her degree course and what she loves about it!

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crisheeta says:

do you know what high school ap classes are required to become a zoologist?

Kaviya velusamy says:

zoology is my favourite subject

Katelin Travelbee says:

They say it wrong it's zo-ology not zoo-ology only 2 o's not 3

Inazuma65 says:

She doesn't even know how to say Zoology right. For someone who is studying it, that's kinda embarrassing.

Kelly Fairman says:

Zoology sounds fun. I want to learn about animals in order to save them. That seems like the right way to go!


One of those words everyone pronounces wrong. It is Zo-ology not Zoo-ology.

The Young Filmmaker says:

Where are you now?

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