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There is often confusion around what exactly web design and development are and that they’re two separate roles. Find out why in this video! Please remember to subscribe http://bit.ly/1aE5UOT

Not all web designers know how to build the sites they design, and not all web developers know how to design sites well in order to build them; and that’s okay! While some people are able to do both, they are different skillsets, and each is a perfectly valid and important role on its own. I hope this video helps to demystify the difference between them, and explains why it’s okay to focus only on one.

Want more on this topic? Check out this episode of my podcast, it’s titled ‘Should designer’s learn to code’: http://designlife.fm/episode25/



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Mason Soiza says:

An interesting video showing the difference between web design and development. Read the article for more information about Mason Soiza and web design. https://www.educationdive.com/press-release/20180331-discover-the-many-mason-soiza-successful-experiences/

3polygons says:

I think we web designers have been already misplaced, (quite savagely, as comic authors we were in the 90s, and nicely recalled later when most were having some other stable boring job to be able to eat, already) – 2018 now, vid is from 2016, 2 years in this is a too long period- by web coders, by "developers". Not actually "by them", is what the trends, 'powers that be', and in a way, technology have assigned to us. (a nice kick in the back part xD )

I'd even say more: by FULL STACK developers. At some point, if not already, I believe front end people, we are to be pushed out by full stack developers (backend+front end, and starting to see "valuable if the candidate handles Photoshop and most of the CC suite" . So… guess what'll be next profile melting thingy? ;D )

Some might try to resist it, but is such a real fact. I'm of the old "skool" : PSD design as an entire thing, code comes later in the design stage, u design "thinking in code" (to deal well with the medium) , but design is the king. So , CSS , XHTML, even started when there was no css, little JS if any, back in '96. One now, IMO, can go with the UX/UI trend, as a professional profile, is surely the cleverest thing to do (best if you are a "people person" able to sell your thing), or if hate UX – my case- just embrace the roughness of coding till the deepest complexities, needing to learn lots of languages, frameworks, libraries, etc, etc, etc. Lol. I started doing so years ago, now in the firm process of getting quite hardcore at it…

UX seems a more logical (IMO, easier, in certain way, not being the most important factor for it that you have already 50% of the profile if are a graphic designer and/or illustrator) path for most designers, tho. But too much guessing of the company industrial secrets and internals that they never tell you/share with u (so, dealing with ROI, A/B testing, company income paths, company focus in money/business at a given moment, and tons of other stuff, quite a contradiction. IMO this is a task more related to a marketting and/or strategy department. But that's a rant I seem to shout about alone in the desert…), marketing stuff, often doing more behavior/psicology/financial study than my passion for other things (like actually doing sth, WHATEVER graphic, lol) tolerates.

This for people wanting to work at companies. As a freelancer, you can do whatever you love more and in the way you freaking desire. You indeed should specialize in any niche if you love it, and think are specially good at it, as then it's good business and you'll be happier. I realized (very recently… it was going well…. :S ) I personally (each person is a separate case) can't fully live as freelancer anymore, even if means some nice income… for me will probably get back to be a side job….

topsilog says:

Im having a probpem being a designer learning how to code i always want to see the results of what im coding quickly esp css thus making me write bad codes….

shaik Shaukat says:

hii frnd tell in hindi


You are so much beautiful just I subscribe you are Channel baby❤❤❤❤❤

Bilawal Ali says:

You are very beautiful..

Jay McD says:

This has really been a frustrating issue for me (and I'm guessing many others) so much so its kept me on the fence from trying to start a career. I went to college to train to be a graphic designer, but lets just say the college was ill prepared for what was around the corner in how much the web was going to take off and the advent of drag and drop site builders like Weebly. Over the past year or two I really pushed myself in learning HTML, CSS and JS thinking it was a must to get any sort of a chance of a career as a designer, as again my understanding has come about that graphic designers must be web designers nowadays and no longer traditional print designers. I've tried hard as I said but the break neck speed of web technologies, apps and such has honestly left me feeling burned out! I just want to f*cking design not become a walking swiss army knife to bend over backwards for ill informed clients of what a web designer is.

Adam says:

It's 2018 if you call yourself a web designer and don't know the HTML, CSS and some basic JS, then I don't know the kind of web designer you are. If you are a freelancer you can call yourself whatever you want and hope to make some money freelancing but if you are looking for a job in web design today you better learn the three skills mentioned above. They are really not hard to learn, anyone can do it.Just google web designer

Zakarya ISSER says:

You're awesome

Diatumua Simao Didy says:

I love your easy explanation…. keep doing it!

PureSonicFan / Jaydon Covington says:

Instant sub

Sakthi Vel says:

Too many people have the same content but i have noticed that you look beautiful and watched your video fully!! Really helpful

Scott Hutcheson says:

Love the Kiwi accent

Adityaraj Singh says:

Thanks from so many days I wanted to know difference regarding my startup

Xiang Xing says:

Should web designer deliver a functioning website at the end? Or just need to deliver a psd file?

David cameron says:

In which things should I focus more to shine in this field?

Zreddx says:

But what about GUI

AdventuresAmongAdjectives says:

This is really interesting to hear about! Where I come from (sweden) you don't really get that distinction I think. I'm still fairly new to the industry, but what I've seen so far it's kind of expected that you should be able to do both. Maybe the really big agencies have the different roles, but where I work, and especially if you're a freelancer, you kind of need to do both.

A bit late to the party I know, but only recently found your channels and find so many of your videos really interesting!

soakedbootcuts says:

So if you're a graphic designer, what extense of knowledge should you have in development so you can carry out your own web designs? Like, how much of an expert do you need to be to make modern and interactive, mobile-adaptable sites?

غيداء عبد الجليل says:

This comment is edited because Charli is angry at it and she thinks I'm judging her. I apologize, I didn't mean that!
— Original comment: I didn't expect you to be a web designer from your makeup.

bhole ibrahim says:

Mam I want to become web developer & designer but I don't know coading & I also want to become an expert programmer .. mam please suggest me

Ash Ome says:

Hey ! I am a professional Frontend developer and I want to learn design, I have had some courses on design but I am finding a guide to be designer. My question is how I can learn design ?

Cicos Macos says:

So happy to found your channel,it is excellent!!!:)))

Emille NANI says:

I do them both. Took me a while to really understand design. Things like ui/ux. I think they go hand in hand so it's great to know a bit of both.

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