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This is a vlog from my last minute trip to Lanzarote with my boyfriend. We stayed in the Princess Yaiza hotel which is absolutely beautiful. In this video, you’ll see us eating a lot of delicious food, using the gym and spa at the hotel, and enjoying life!

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Lauren Carré Fitness says:

Hey Lauren, loved the vlog! You deserved a well earned break and some quality time with your boy! Thanks for the music link – i too spend hours on youtube searching! Can't wait to see the rest of your holiday! x

Nancygracehearts says:

Lauren I can’t tell you how much you’ve inspired me, I’m saving up money to buy your program and focus on that. I’m miserable working in customer service and can’t wait to actually pursue my dreams.

Liberty Kelly says:

How come your phone worked underwater? Xx

Liberty Kelly says:

I love sushi (veg or chicken) xx

Pugs, poptarts & pushups says:

Looks like a lovely hotel, I went lanzarote year before last, so underrated I had the best time! X I'm gonna look at that hotel just for the tepanyaki restaurant at the hotel! I stayed at hard rock Dominican Republic, best hotel I've ever been to that had propper restaurants too…. tepanyaki, Mexican, steakhouse where they served filet mignon and a propper gym, was awesome! X

Liberty Kelly says:

Love your vlogs xx

Kryssa Antoniou says:

Miss your vlogs there amazing !!

Rachel Terrey says:

Omg I love these travel vlogs! What's the name of this hotel? I'd love to visit here one day, looks fricking amazing!

Lissie Marrs says:

Your vlogs are my favourite style video 🙂

Ellie Faye says:

love your personality <3 i need this holiday hahaa

Lisa says:

Keep_it_up!! you_can_visit_a_video_on_my_channel_if_you_need_a_free_music_to_add_song_to_your_videos.

Fitness Aesthetics 2018 says:

Only awesome people can read this comment

Elle Windibank says:

Absolutely love your vlog style videos!! Especially your travel vlogs where you show what you eat when away!! Love it!

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