2018 Monaco Grand Prix: Qualifying Highlights

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The very best action from one of the most crucial qualifying sessions of the F1 season.

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Rivaldos Ventarrón says:

2:34 yihaa

Optikification says:

What a boring circuit, boring race and I can't understand how anyone thinks Ricciardo had a great race. You can drive around here at 20 km/h and still it's virtually impossible to overtake. This race needs dropping. Only good part about the race was how Max managed to get up to 9th from 20th to show he is a champion in the making. That will shut all the haters up lol.

Jorge Esteban Arias says:

Daniel Riccardo Master ofrece monaco please genio .

Jeremy Johnson says:

1.10s around Monaco, it's insane how fast these cars are.

Lucky Strike says:

Vettel have no bols!! Hi is a pussy

DJ Time says:

Ferrari are shit…..FACT!

Wolfie says:

We’ve just had news that lastname will be competing on sunday

avocadoes !!!!! says:

1:00 im sad too see the unhappy daniel :'(

MAHLE says:

Monaco is always great.

Caio cesar says:

It would a great race if it was in another track, Mônaco is very boring.

pete a says:

Haha max verchrashing last

DJ Time says:

So it looks like Ferrari have been cheating again. Nothing new there. Seems F1 has made them comply now but are doing nothing about previous races.

Let's go Ricciardo. You can do this!

pokwang love says:

grosjean is going to crash

Tibo says:

Hardly Ferrari can not cheat anymore they are not the fastest anymore!

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