Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers – Full Game Highlights | Game 6 | May 25, 2018 | NBA Playoffs

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Cleveland Cavaliers Cavs vs Boston Celtics – Full Game Highlights | May 25 2018, 5/25 NBA Playoffs

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naldoalex056 says:

Win or lose LEBRON has earned my respect this playoffs. A whole team on his back.

SuperLamont9 says:

I don't know who's battle is better.. Celetics vs Cavs or Warriors vs Rockets.. Nothing but amazing.

Nic Bustamante says:

Fuckin block party

TheMightyAnt says:

LeBron was mad fired up after that 3

Justin Malone says:

If the Rockets and Cavs meet , Kevin Love would be down right unplayable in that series vs Capela or Tucker…even worse than he is in GSW series.

kris kris says:

Kyle korver is a low key good defender like fr

chuanyu siow says:

crazy james

KnobbyKnay says:

The Carried Cavaliers

James chang says:

CAVS for the WIN!

GamingSquad says:

Block by green

Zeng Wenxuan says:


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